Ramadan 2018: Algerian man killed for sipping coffee

Posted on Sat 02 June 2018 in Algeria

A dozen of days ago, on May 23rd, 2018, to be precise, a man was killed in Algeria for daring to take coffee in Ramadan1. It happened in Draria, a suburb of Algiers, the capital. The victim did not even take the coffee in a public place -and he had the right to- but went to a hidden place to sip his cup of coffee when two brothers, both of them adults, saw him and came to blame him for daring not to comply to Ramadan rules; quickly they started to assault him physically before stabbing him thrice straight to the heart.

There are many reasons the victim may have not fastened, and most probably he might be a Muslim who was just not able to fasten because in Algeria temperatures are unbearable on Summer. He might also have had a medical reason for choosing not to fasten but could not convince the 2 assailant that was the case.

By killing coldly an adult man for on Islamic basics, The assailants are not insane: they are just very normal Muslims who live in a country which allows them to fulfill the minimum tasks their prophet Muhammad did by his own hands thousands of times and asked Muslims to do so, through several quranic verses and hadiths, for the sake of their salvation.

Unfortunately this is not an isolate case. The truth is that on each Ramadan, dozens of Algerians are killed in similar situations. Our media do not talk about such crimes because otherwise they would be considered as criticizing Islam. And this is not the only type of crimes which are done in respect of Islam that are taboo in Algeria (for example pedophilia is still a very normal practice through marriage between adult men and under aged girls).

Here is a video showing population, by the first week of the current Ramadan, attacking a man in his car after suspecting him having something that looks like a candy in his mouth. That happened in Kouba, Algiers.

The reason I share this video is to highlight the assassination I am talking about is not an isolate case.

Always in Algiers, on June 2nd, a Muslim woman went for a jogging. A man has beaten her after calling her names. He explained her she is not supposed to be outisde alone without a tutor or do sports in Ramdan. Note the woman is always correctly dressed in an Islamic way, including when she runs. She went to the police to complain about the assault. The police refused to accept her complaint and explained her she should not be out doing sports alone, especially on Ramdan.

I give this as a documented example2, otherwise that is absolutely always the case with women in such situations and I am just wondering what naivity pushed this girl to complain to police about the assault of which she has been a victim: police refuse to receive their complaints in the best case and beat the plaintiff in the worst case (several cases I witnessed with my own eyes).

The 3 given examples show the men who killed the victim for sipping coffee on Ramadan are not insane and we think and behave the same way in Algeria as long as we adopt Islam as the way of living.

I will come back to edit this article later, with more information on the evil reasons as why Muhammad used Ramadan and maybe I will give other examples of bad events that happened here in France on the name of Ramadan.