Abdelaziz Bouteflika and the NFL sodomize the prophet Muhammad. The rest of Algeria is still stuck in the anus of Allah

Posted on Sat 06 May 2017 in Algeria


The title of this article is not meant to disrespect the reader. Actually, some say even the mouth is filthier than the anus. Besides, there are 615 types of bacteria living in the mouth, and their number can easily exceed the world population.1

This is not being vulgar either. Jacques Brel said that being vulgar is not to use words to refer to the phallus or to urinate. He said that being vulgar is when a young couple loves each other, and then the father of the young girl goes to the father of the young man and says, "How much your son earns per month?".2

For me, revolting vulgarity consists in forcing women to hide their faces on electoral posters just to please Muhammad. For me, being vulgar is to stay silent regarding corruption, incest, widespread pedophilia, violence, incompetence, poverty, misery, ignorance and crimes which are all the favorite national Islamic sports in Algeria. For me being vulgar is to stay silent or inactive when knowing large portions of the Algerian population eat once per several days.

The rest of this article’s title will be understood below. Besides, there is no offense against Islam as Muhammad defines himself equal to Allah in Quran and Islamic references themselves state that the prophet Muhammad was sodomized, on his request, by a handsome man he liked (I will dedicate a special article for this later and provide references written by widely respected Muslims)


Algerians went to the polls on May 4th, 2017 to participate in the legislative elections. This ballot happened amid an ailing economy caused not by the dwindling oil revenues but by Islam which wreaked havoc in our society through the corruption, crimes, lies, incompetence and ignorance which it breeds intrinsically.

The lie

The minister of Interior Affairs of Algeria has announced today, May 5th, 2017 , that 38.25% of voters participated yesterday in the ballot. He officially confirmed that 8 528 355 citizens voted among the 23 251 503 registered electors3. Because I too much know Islam and Muslims, I took my calculator and found the participation rate is actually 36.68% and not 38.25%!

I do not know why nothing is mentioned about this. I had a self-doubt and started to think my calculator is not functioning right. But when I remembered how much I know Islam and Muslims, I knew my calculator is sane. I wonder why this is not mentioned anywhere? Does anyone know how to count or use a calculator out there in Algeria?

When lies are performed shamelessly at such a level and on such an event, we can no longer speak of a lie but of a crime committed by the state of Algeria against its citizens.

Massive fraud

Officially 54 political parties participated in this electoral masquerade. All of them are pro-governmental and created by the government (except the Socialist Forces Front) to faint democracy and opposition. Actually we can not speak of elections as we are ruled by a dictator who amended the constitution on 2008 to strengthen his powers and prolong his stay in office even if he is half dead, not able to move his tongue and lips to pronounce a word.

After the results were published and announced, 51 pro-governmental political parties express fake madness and pretend they deserve more seats in the parliament. These same political parties are actors of the fraud as we can see in this video, for example, where the number of voters exceed the number of registered electors. This one shows how lot of citizens are involved in active electoral fraud. This other video shows how the local authorities put the light off so as to hide their nefarious activities.

Every Algerian knows the reality of what happens: candidates buy their seats from the government (corruption). They are not chosen according to their projects, their achievements or other legitimate backgrounds. In opposite, some of the candidates are either illiterate or have primary school level.

Even the son of the secretary (Djamel Ould abbes) of our dictator’s party, the Nation Front of Liberation, along with an other government responsible were arrested amid an operation consisting in selling ranked positions in electoral lists in euro currency4. Given this fact, any political party who accepted to participate in this electoral masquerade is a corruption actor.

Djamel Ould abbes defended himself by pretending to be a moudjahid during the liberation war. But there are well positioned people who denied the fact he did the smallest effort to participate in the liberation war5. Just like our dictator Abdelaziz Bouteflika who is described in Wikipedia as a figure of Algerian nationalism while he was born in Morocco, he is homosexual and pervert like the prophet Muhammad and, not only he never fought against the French colons, but he and his family were on the side of France during the Algerian liberation war6.

Islam, the mother of all cancers

One may wonder why Noureddine Bedoui, the Algerian minister of Interior Affairs went further in stating that 38.25% of the registered electors participated instead of 36.68%. In fact, for someone living in Algeria (or any other Islamic country) this is perfectly normal. I mean lying is perfectly normal because we are forced to study and adopt Islam as a culture since childhood. When a child is born and his family, neighbors, school and society force him to be a Muslim, he can not think outside the box of Islam. So he practices Islam in everything he says or does. This Islamic brain washing process makes the relationship between the Muslim and Islam extremely tight and incomparable. But Islam is not a religion as there is no spiritual activities, believes, thoughts or feelings in Islam.

To stay in the scope of this article and answer the question of this section, our government lied because all Muslims have the duty to lie as their prophet Muhammad asked them to lie in 3 situations: when dealing with people, in war times and when talking to their wives.

For this same reason, the historical SFF political party dared to say that it is against hiding women’s faces on electoral posters7 but the truth this political party is just as Islamic as the rest of the Algerian people, so that is why he dared to lie to accomplish his Islamic duty:

Faceless deputies

It is true that most Algerians did not go to vote but those who have been active to convince them not to vote rather expressed Islam in all its forms. For example, this successful video qualifies the government to act like the Arabs who lived before the advent of their prophet Muhammad. There is nothing new in this as Muslims throughout their history never stopped accusing each others for being fake Muslims and, in the same time, claim themselves to be the true ones. The Islamic thinking expressed in that video proves to be dangerous. This enforces Islam and hence all the problems we suffer from in Algeria. Besides, Arabs were civilized and peaceful before the advent of Muhammad. For instance, all Arabic tribes had permanent peace agreements not to attack each other because they understood, in that desert, the only way for them to live was to settle and live in peace so that the commerce thrives through the protection of commercial caravances passing by their region and coming from actual Iran, Turkey and North Africa8. Arabs also highly respected women before the advent of Muhammad. For instance, the first wife of Muhammad was a business woman. After Muhammad was successful, no woman was allowed to exercise any activity apart from being a sexual property which is confined at home.

The Algerians who did not vote did just tried to say they are the true Muslims. But that is already what the government pretends. That is also what other political parties claimed. For instance, Abderrazak Makri, the leader of Movement of Society for Peace, ordered to distribute tracts in public places as well as to homes/appartments where the number 26, corresponding to the electoral lists assigned to his political party, is the sum of letters of glory to Allah written in Arabic as well as the sum of the year number according to the Islamic calender with 2017:

Faceless deputies

Hence this powerful political party just reproduces what the infamous Islamic Salvation Front who convinced large portions of the Algerian population by the start of the 90's that Allah supports his party by displaying the name of Allah in the sky using laser.

For those who understand Arabic, this video shows a very ordinary Algerian family where Islam is practiced and respected: the brother raped his sister, the woman in question lies openly to her husband who lies back, the brothers (one of whom is an imam) lies to the rest of his family ... I prefer listen to it because if I describe what happens their you will not believe me. But all what I want to show through this video, previous videos and this article is the damage of Islam on states, societies, families and individuals.

What I wanted to say through this article is that if the Algerian dictatorship leaders and different political parties use Islam as the only project they have to convince the population to vote, and commit unprecedented lies it is only because the Algerian citizens are disabled as they are imprisoned in the jail of Islam.

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