The pedophile God

Posted on Sat 25 February 2017 in Islam

This article, as well as all others of the same category, is not an attempt to hurt any person's feelings or target any group of people. This article is just a tear from my heart as it behoves me to bemoan the widespread pedophilia which is soaring effortlessly thanks to Islam in my country, Algeria, where we slog through a morass of tangled brambles caused by Islam which does not stop perverting my society on all levels.

The abdication of the Algerian intellectuals can not be an excuse of any other Algerian citizen to prevent his/her onus of standing against our hideous Islamic culture that destroys the lives of many innocent children in my country.

In his book "Designing the Future", Jacque Fresco has expressed his disappointment as why, in our era of technology, we still believe more in religion than in science. He wrote that even world leaders consult mediums, astrologers and religious figures to advice them about decisions which determine the fate of millions of people.

I wonder what could Jacques Fresco say if he knew read this article published published today on an Algerian news paper, and which title is Denial and suffering where a study1 informs us that 47 000 underaged girls have been married to adult males.

This study is far from reflecting the truth that every Algerian knows: just in my village, every year I hear or witness underaged girls being married to adult Muslim males.

This is not only sad but really dangerous: these baby girls will remain traumatized psychologically and more likely physically also for the rest of their lives. Muslims say that Islam respect women by giving them the honorable task of educating children. But if this is the case, how will a traumatized mother educated her children? I see many children of such mothers delving into prostitution or delinquency as a result of being raised of traumatized mothers who can not give them but violence and hate because a woman who is raped by a man in the name of Islam, and all society agrees on that, would end up by hating her own sons who represent in her mind the male who raped her body and emotions as a child.

What about my Algerian society who is proud of educating generations of pedophiles and celebrate their crimes in dramatic festivities sarcastically called marriage?

The following pictures are neither mine nor shot in Algeria. They are rather taken from within a population against which you can not say a word here in France: it is a collective marriage organized for men who do not have enough money to buy a wife in Gaza. The only difference between what you see through the below pictures and what happens in Algeria is that in Algeria minors are aged usually between 12 and 16 years old. These sceneries exist in all Islamic countries, from Morocco to Indonesia:

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If Algerians and other Muslims do not feel shame to sleep with an underaged girl, it is only because the idole they love more than their own parents and which is Muhammad was a pedophile himself as he married Aicha, a minor of 9 years old, he was not able to wait until the guests leave the house, so he entered into the room of Aicha where he found her sitting next to her mother to whom Muhammad ordered impolitely to leaver him alone with her daughter and used her body right away even if the Arab traditions of that time prevent the husband from touching physically his new wife before the all the guests go back to their own homes.

This is not something I invent for the circumstances of this article, but you can read it in a book which title is The wives of the Prophet written by a Muslim woman from Morocco called Aicha Abdourahman (Bintou A'Shatti).

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How can a normal and psychologically healthy man feel a sexual desire towards a minor? What can you expect from a society of pedophiles?

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The first video I linked to below states that there are 450 like this innocent one who were married. Is there any Muslim man who may share a tear with me for this little child?

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No there is no Muslim man who can cry for these innocent girls. That is Islam. That is the right thing. I am Muslim and proud. But there are Muslim men who will insult you or beat you if you kiss your girlfriend in a public place, here in France; just as in Algeria where Muslim men hunt for hidden couples as our government and local authorities encourage them to do in the name of Islam.

Muslims living in Europe are not against this pedophilia because they can not be against Muhammad. Only laws still thwart them from doing what they are free to do in their home countries. But I still witness sceneries where Muslims in their thirties harassing and offending sexually minor girls, here in Paris, by touching their buttocks, their hair, calves, pulling their skirts off in metro stations, night clubs or any other public places.

If you think the pictures above are fake, I am inviting you to watch this video done by Al Jazeera TV in English, and this one in Arabic.

I am not going to list here all the girls raped by Muhammad; but for the moment I will just highlight that Allah is giving underaged children to Muslims as a reward in his Paradise. This is stated for example in verse 76:19 where Allah says:

There will circulate among them young boys made eternal. When you see them, you would think them as beautiful as scattered pearls.

I think the text is clear. Note that promising children for male Muslims in the Paradise is confirmed in other verses of the Quran: (56:17), (21:26), (86:24). In the book Bihar al-Anwar, volume 5, page 291, the Muslim scholar Mulla Muhammad Baqir the children in question are those who were not enough good Muslims during their life on Earth, so instead of throwing them to hell, Allah gives them as gifts for male Muslims in his Paradize. Other Muslim scholars say those children are rather a special sexual gift created by Allah.

So when the citizens of my country know that their prophet was a legal pedophile and that even Allah allows pedophilia even inside his own Paradise, who will stop the marriage of underageg girls? For those who think Islam is a religion, I am asking you to show me where is the spiritual message in raping the feelings and the body of a minor?

Why our Allah allows pedophilia even in his Paradise? Does not he have any feelings? Why the Paradise described by Muhammad is a place where the main activity for Muslims is sex? Why is not the Paradise a place for higher spirituality instead?

Being a Muslim is to condemn yourself to inherit all the psychological diseases from which Muhammad was suffering, and spread those diseases from a generation to a generation.

This article is just an invitation for Muslims to not be afraid of having a critical eye on Islam because this will help them to get rid of all the problems they have inherited from Muhammad generation after generation, century after century.

1: El Watan, Déni et souffrances, February 25th, 2017.