The day Allah provided sildenafil for the prophet Muhammad

Posted on Sun 18 June 2017 in Islam

Several decades ago, Alfred Korzybski warned about the possibility of governments using media as a means of mass manipulation. This prophecy proves to be true nowadays particularly when it comes to Islam.

In the aftermath of the 2016 Nice attacks, the mainstream media of the Islamic republic of France has embraced, as usual, a race through which everything is done to over protect the most racist, racial, pervert, retrograde, terrorist, sadistic and bloody ideology in the history of humankind which is Islam, by hurrying to gather testimonies from djihadists of lie and promoters of taqiya who did not feel shame to claim that their brother in Islam Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was not a Muslim and what he did has nothing to do with Islam.

This is the same media masquerade we observed when the Muslims who covered, fed, cherished and protected Salah Abdeslam during 5 months in Molenbeekstan were the same to hurry to say their brother in Islam was not a Muslim and what he did has nothing to do with Islam.

For both cases, Muslims in France and Belgium justified their statements by pretending these Tunisian and Moroccan terrorists were violent and sexually wild while Islam is everything but that.

The aim of this article is to demolish this lie and to resist to the less known but very efficient and, in opposition, the most widely practiced form of jihadism by Muslims of today which is the jihadism by lies to lure and deceive the non Muslims.

Before I start, it is a well worth while to mention that these terrorists are Muslims because they did what they did on the name of Islam which asks Muslims to kill all non Muslims. These terrorists said they are/were Muslims. This is simply common sense: When I tell you I am atheist you can not define me as a Muslim. And vice versa.

I am not going to list what contemporaries and best friends of the prophet of Muhammad said about the violence and the wild sexuality of prophet of Islam, the pirate Muhammad, but I am going to focus on two or three hadiths where the prophet Muhammad himself not only admits but being flashy in claiming to everybody his sexual wilderness and physical violence. Of course, as usual, the proofs of what I say are not written by some racists, Jews, Christians or atheists but by Muslims themselves.

So here we go:

In his book called Rawdhatul Muhibbin, page 204, Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya informs us that his prophet Muhammad said: "Allah made me loving women and perfume: the thirsty man can quench his thirst, the hungry man can feel full, but I can not stop desiring women".

This text is reasserted in dozens of Islamic books -including the famously trusted Sahih Muslim- in different versions but all rewording the same idea. This simply means that the prophet Muhammad confessed his sexual obsession to so many people.

As you can see, the prophet Muhammad was used to confess his wild sexuality and obsession just like the Muslim terrorists. I provided an official and trusted source of my statement, including the page where this is written. You can check that yourself. So why Muslims said to media that these terrorists were not Muslims because they were sexually wild? That is simply what is called jihadism by lies.

The behaviors and sayings of the prophet Muhammad are the reasons why I say Islam is not a religion. For instance, in the previous quoted text, I wonder what is the spiritual message that Muhammad wanted to communicate to Muslims by sharing his obsession for women? As Muhammad himself insisted that he is the last messenger of Allah to humankind, is not Allah supposed to instil in him important and useful messages for us such as peace, tolerance and the protection of humankind and the planet?

Neither I am interested in blaming any sexual practices of any person as long as individual liberties are not endangered, nor I am interested in what a man who lived centuries ago in some remote desert said or did if it does not affect my life and the life of other people in many countries around the world.

I would like to quote an other saying of the prophet Muhammad:

Ibn Sa'd reported in his book "Tabaqt al qubra”, through the hadith number 10231 the prophet Muhammad said: “My sexual performance was poor until Allah sent me the 'quffit'" I do not know how to translate the term "quffit" but you can read its meaning in several islamic books. For example, in Kanz al-Ummal, volume 16, page 147, the author has reported the prophet Muhammad said: "The angel Gabriel once gave me a big plate full of 'quffit'. I have eaten it and got a sexual power equivalent to that of 40 men of the Paradize".

In the book Umdat Alqari volume 3, page 217, Badr al-Din al-Ayni explains that the prophet Muhammad said that a man in Paradize is 100 times stronger sexually and physically than a man living on Earth. A simple calculation will lead to the fact the prophet Muhammad was proud to announce to Muslims that his sexual power was equivalent to that of 40 x 100 = 4000 men.

Here again, I am not jealous to learn someone is able to fuck 4000 more times than what I can perform, but the same previous questions haunt my mind: what is the spiritual message of this prophet behind stating his penis is 4000 times stronger than mine? Since the prophet Muhammad is the last messenger of Allah, I wonder if Allah has no other message to deliver to humankind other than taking care of the penis of the prophet of Muslims?

To focus on the main idea I want to express through this article: So why when the prophet of Islam claims himself he is sexually wild, Muslims in France and Belgium lie to the world that these 2 terrorists are not Muslims since they are sexually wild? But the prophet Muhammad himself says clearly that he is sexually more than wild. By being sexually wild, these terrorists are simply following their supreme guide as Allah asks them to do in Quran through the sourate 59 verse 7: "And whatever the Messenger has given you - take; and what he has forbidden you - refrain from".

Ask any Muslim you want, all over the world, about whom he loves more than himself/herself. The answer will be quickly prompted: the prophet Muhammad for whom they are ready not only to lie but to kill. If you ask Muslims why they love their prophet more than themselves and anybody else, they will answer you that he is a perfect man with high moral and human values as Allah testifies in Quran, through sourate 68 verse 4, where he praises the prophet Muhammad by saying: "And indeed, you are of a great moral character.". As we can see from the previous hadiths, the blasphemer is not me but the prophet Muhammad himself who imagined a supreme god whose moral characters consist in constantly sharing our sexual obsession with others and bully others by telling them they are sexually weak or less strong than ourselves.

On an other level, I am not a psychologist, but I think the previous two hadiths underline the inferiority sexual complex from which the prophet Muhammad was suffering. Otherwise, only a lout or an insane could speak that way. Those sayings and attitude are not worthy of a prophet, not even of an average psychologically balanced man.

Now that I provided evidence written by Muslims themselves where Muhammad proves to be sexually hyper wild, I hope you understand the notion of jihadism by lies which is the most practiced form of jihadism by Muslims. But then a natural question may raise in your mind: why the prophet Muhammad was that wild?

In reality it is not hard to understand this apparent contradiction or dilemma between Muhammad who self-claimed the status of the prophet and his behaviors if you have time to study Islam itself where you will discover that the prophet Muhammad started his life as a pirate, lived the life of a pirate and ended his life like a pirate killed by his hand right pirates. What do pirates do? They attack other groups of people to steal their goods, enslave them and rape their women. These were the exact things the prophet Muhammad was doing during all his life, before and after he self-proclaimed to be a prophet. The second explanation for the above hadiths is that the prophet Muhammad was impotent and that is why he tried to hide it by collecting a huge number of sexual slaves and pseudo wives, and announces without being asked his supra natural sexual power. I can not provide in this short article evidence for what I stated here. That will be the subject of many coming articles, but for the moment this is the evidence I read in Islamic books and which I want to share with you. You are free to trust me or believe me only when I will provide you evidences from Islamic books themselves.

Now you may say: "hey Billal, you are hypocrite: we checked some other articles and we found that you focused only on the wild sexuality of the prophet and the Muslims, but you ignored other facts such as the terrorists were violent, eating hog meat and drinking alcohol".

Well, that is a legitimate question and I encourage you to check whatever resource I provide here. I lived most of my life under the manipulation of Islam, so wish is not to manipulate you and thus incite you to a fake life as was mine under the racist and bloody ideology of Islam. I could have provided a very long list of resources where it is reported the prophet Muhammad has done all what the terrorists are doing. Here I just want to focus on the wild sexuality side. I will go through all other aspects in my coming articles when I have time for that. But for the moment, I could provide you one last hadith where the prophet Muhammad the pirate states himself that he is extremely violent:

The prophet Muhammad himself says: "I am as violent/barbarian and as sexually powerful as 40 men of the Paradize". In plain English, the prophet Muhammad was proud to say to his Muslims followers at that time that he is as violent as 4000 men living on Earth. So how come Muslims say the terrorists are not Muslims because they are violent while the prophet Muhammad himself confesses that he is 4000 times hyper violent than any man living on Earth? This is exactly the same speech I hear from innocent cute Muslims in Algeria and France today.

As a side note, you can notice that the last hadith I mentioned is not worthy of a prophet but it is the speech of a pirate or a modern lout. You may agree with me that there is no spiritual message through such a prophetic statement coming from Muhammad. This is also one of the reason you have to know Islam is not a religion.

Now need to frown your foreheads and accuse me of inventing this hadith. Well, that is a legitimate doubt, but you can find this hadith in the 8th volume of the famous book "Tabaqt al qubra". Now you may think that I keep mentioning the same reference as the very first one listed above. Well, you can find this hadith in so many other books, and just to list you one or two more: "Al Maajam Al Awsat" of the very famous and widely recognized Muslim oulemat called Al-Tabarani. Ok, one more: you can find this same hadith in an other trusted Islamic reference which is Fath al-Bari written by Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani in the 13th volume page 378.

I truly believe that the west world media must not participate in jihadism by lies. Islam is a far more dangerous ideology than Nazism and it simply must be banned. I am not asking to kill Muslims. I believe the first step is to fight Islam is to study it and make a statement. Once the observation is done and admitted, solutions will come up and will be accepted naturally. Personally, the solution I support is to ban Islam just as we ban Nazism here in France, for example. To protect humankind and save lives of millions of people around the world is to ban the ideology of blood and racism which is Islam.

You may say your Muslim “friends” are so cool and have nothing to do with terrorism, sexual perversion and so on. But in that, you are rephrasing the same things the friends and neighbors of so many caught terrorists here in France said and still say about their innocent cute Muslim terrorists. It can be hard to explain for someone who did not study Islam and never lived in an Islamic country or an Islamic area in a given European country. But to give you a straightforward example: can you love Nazism and adopt it but pretend to not hate Jews? Of course you can not. In the same way, you can not adopt Islam as an ideology and say you are not a terrorist while your guide was a successful pirate whose whole life was only piracy, mass murder, rape, sexual slavery and gathering booties. Islam is terrorism. And every Muslim is a terrorist.

Muslims who are able to kill do not hesitate to do it. Other Muslims offer logistic help for the Muslims who are ready to kill. One of the most recent known examples of that is when a whole Islamic town in Belgium has been hiding, protecting, feeding and accomodating the infamous Moroccan Muslim Salah Abdeslam during 5 months. Those who are able to harm the infidel countries do it by causing daily damage to the goods of non Muslims, harrassing their girls, beating them, offending them and more. Most others are your apparently cool looking friends who practice the jiahdism of lies by telling you Islam is cool and in the same time they infect your hearts and mind by the hate of Jews, Israel, homosexuals and instil your mind with many other Islamic ideas to the point, the emblematic figure of racism in France, the infamous Alain Soral vomits all his hate on Jews and homosexuals just as the Muslims he calls his brothers do.. The only difference between an official Muslim terrorist and your apparent cute innocent Muslim neighbor is that this later one did not kill yet. A scorpion who did not bite you yet does not mean it is a scorpion who does not have venom.

"To badly name an object is to add to the misfortune of this world"1 once wrote Albert Camus. That is why I believe the media in France and elsewhere must not be afraid to name things by their name. I know what Islam did to me as a person and is still doing to my people, to Algeria, to Amazigh people in North Africa and to other millions of victims around the world. Letting Islam thrive and not banning it is to condemn humankind to continuous bloody times as it has been happening since the advent of Islam. Letting Islam thrive is an irresponsible and criminal decision because, as August Comte once wrote: "Ideas govern the world, or throw it into chaos". Islam has only thrown, and will lead countries into chaos.

1: Albert Camus, Sur une philosophie de l'expression, 1944.