Explaining Islam for albino monkeys

Posted on Fri 11 August 2017 in Islam

What follows is just a small attempt to shed light about the prophet of Islam, Muhammad the pirate. This is the only article I publish without documenting the facts. In reality, for myself I do not need to document what follows: I have studied, experienced, practiced and endured this shit since my childhood. But every small element that I mention here will be discussed in more details through my future articles. I mean, if I write, for instance: “Muhammad slaughtered men and women with his own hands” or “Muhammad is a bastard”, it does not mean it is a purpose of mine to depict him as a negatively: I just report what is written in Islamic books themselves. Nothing written below is written by a Christian, a Jew, an atheist or a Freemason author. In fact, this is the rule I will respect in all my articles of this category.

I decided not to divide this text into sections or whatever. I rather prefer to to follow the flow of my thoughts and memories instinctively. I know this is not a smart option, but I do not think it is very bad either. As for the weird title of this article, you will understand it somewhere in the middle or the end of this text that I amp going to write without stopping. I apologize for my poor English skills, I have been mostly self taught in English. I rather am going to publish this text in its first draft, but whenever I read it in the future and discover errors or unclear phrases, I will update this post.

Arabs who lived previously to the advent of Muhammad, had more sexual freedom than any of today’s populations around the world. For instance, it was perfectly normal that a group of men bed the same woman all together. When the woman gives birth to a child, based on criteria such as the lover’s physical strength or wealth to take responsibility of the new born baby, the woman chooses by her own will who will be the legal father. Arabic laws and customs of that time, made it impossible for the chosen man to deny or complain in anyway about the paternity. But in rare case where all the men who bedded the woman die following the new born baby, for a reason or an other, the child is condemned to be a slave for the rest of his life.

Arabs were proudly swingers and it was a very widespread social behavior that two Arab men exchange each other’s wife for a night or more. It was also very common that a husband lets his wife to be bedded by an other man -will it be a strong and healthy slave- in the hope to get a physically healthier child. It is like they applied natural selection principle upon themselves but in a softer way compared to what Spartans, for example, were used to do before them.

There were only 3 forms of sexual relationships which were disdained by Arabs of that era: rape, prostitution and when a wife sleeps with an other man without the permission of her own husband. Otherwise Arabs had no problem with sexuality. They even were used to worship deities representing both male and female organs. They also had fertility deities. For instance the black stone which Muslims of today worship in Kaaba during their pilgrimage, was itself a fertility deity over which Arabic women were used to pour their menstrual blood to get benediction for it in the hope to have healthy children, ask the deity to get new child for the newly bereaved mother, or simply to celebrate the menarche of a daughter or urge the black stone deity to postpone an elder woman’s menopause.

The reason I mentioned the foregoing facts is not to offend prophet Muhammad the pirate for being an illegitimate child: I do not care about the matrimonial status and the nature of the physical relationship of someone’s biological parents. But keep going on reading this article if you want to understand why.

Muslim authors say Muhammad was abandoned by his mother for an other tribe so that he learns the real and pure Arabic language. But this explanation is denied by Muslim authors themselves since, in all other contexts where they mention Quraysh, the tribe where Muhammad the pirate was born, they describe it as being the richest and most advanced tribe who spoke the real and the purest Arabic language. Muhammad himself stated this fact and there are hadiths where he claims to belong to the best human race, to the chosen nation, to the best tribe and speaks the best language in the world. So it is not true that his mother sent him to learn Arabic from an other better tribe. Even if I want to suppose this to be true, it still can not explain why his mother was in hurry to get rid of him without even waiting for the breastfeeding period to end. An other matter which is equally important is that his mother never asked to see him again, and she died before her son came back to his homeland at the age of 6.

The relatives of Muhammad from his mother’s side were Christian Arabs and rich. So his mother did not abandon him for poverty reasons. But the affair she had with the biological father of Muhammad made her husband angry and lead to her divorce, especially that she was physically sick, unfit for sex. At the birth of Muhammad, she was already living with her own mother who also believed the baby Muhammad to be possessed. Anyway, children resulting from cheating relationships are considered to be orphans and dirty ones, and thus were condemned to be slaves for the rest of their lives -unless if someone pays for their freedom. His mother did not want to keep for herself a dirty child that caused her divorce.

But you may wonder why to emphasize the foregoing paragraphs. The answer is very simple: the fact Muhammad was abandoned as a baby by his own mother who gave him up for a slavery life had affected him deeply, as anyone could expect. But deeper than you can imagine: this traumatized him forever and shaped all his dangerous actions and words for the coming years. More importantly, all his psychological sicknesses resulting from his childhood background are inherited by Muslims throughout the centuries.

Muhammad finally returned back when he was 6 years old to Quraysh, the tribe where his mother gave him birth and where he learnt his mother deceased. He returned back because the family which bought him cheaply as a baby for enslavement, was convinced he will never be a good slave as he was lazy, aggressive and repeatedly stealing anything from everyone. They also noticed his strange behaviors and they believed he was possessed. Among those strange behaviors, Muslim authors describe what I personally believe is what we can fairly call nowadays epilepsy.

If he returned back to his tribe, it is only because one of his uncles accepted to buy him as a slave for himself. Apart from this uncle, no one else thought a lazy and violent boy with strange behaviors and tendency for theft can be mated to be a good and useful slave.

It was hard for the aging Muhammad’s uncle to make this lazy and aggressive work. So he always borrowed him to other business men who regularly go to the neighboring and far countries to buy and sell their goods. Muhammad liked enjoyed that. He liked to travel. He was bored to stay at home with his very demanding and aging uncle who needed lot of care he never got from him. But this uncle was not that bad after all: at least he taught Muhammad how to write and read in different languages that were spoken in the mercantile and cosmopolitan Quraysh tribe which, however, was dominated by Jews and Arab Christians.

Muhammad was always pleased to be a helpful slave in commercial caravans that were used to take several months to move from one land to an other. Those “touristy” trips were also very formative for the adolescent Muhammad’s life as he gathered lot of knowledge and stories from different cultures and religions. So after all, he was privileged compared to adolescents of rich families who stay in their tribe instead.

But in the same time, Muhammad developed a strong disdain fro the bourgeoisie class that continued to enrich itself by enslaving orphans and prostitute's children, children of raped women, poor families who can not afford themselves to take care of their own kids or simply undesired children. Because of his natural tendency to steal, Muhammad ended up by being that “famous little bastard thief”. So after few touristy years, he found himself unwanted and had to be ready for his glooming future to remain the slave of his aging uncle who no longer was that rich and had no enough means to feed a growing young man.

Like few other rebellious former slaves, Muhammad did not want to stay a slave for the remaining of his life (that is why Muslims of today love to qualify Muhammad as their Che Guevara). Rebellious slaves can not continue living in any tribe. So they end up by associating themselves with other types of bad boys who are excommunicated by their respective tribes for a reason or an other (mainly for not respecting the local customs and laws), to form exclusively male groups which seemed to be very dangerous as there was nothing for them to eat in a desert except by attacking people to plunder them. Arabs of their time were used to call these different groups as Sarrakoun which means, in Arabic language, “thieves” .

The thriving commercial activities and caravans of the Middle East at that time was a factor that encouraged this culture of stealing to exist, and spurred random random slaves to dream to taste freedom and provide an asylum for their future and fantasies.

The Byzantine settlements in that region were used to be harassed by these groups of thieves that I prefer to call pirates. Byzantine chronicles awkwardly reported the appellation of such groups by the term Sarakênoi which is later slightly modified in Latin language to Sarracenus and Sarraceni, which is itself known nowadays as Sarazin in English, and Sarassin in French.

While exercising his life as a pirate, Muhammad was not really sure of what he wanted to do of himself. That is why, after he became rich thanks to his plundering activities, he tried to socialize himself and return back to the normal life. For instance, he asked one of his uncle for the hand of his daughter, but he got a negative decision because no one can trust a pirate, even a rich one, with a slavery background to be the husband of his daughter. Each time he came back to his tribe to build bridges with this or that family, he is remembered that he was that possessed bastard, that lazy slave and now the pirate. These rejections and failures to socialize himself have just raised in him the feeling that he was rejected and disliked by everybody. That also remembered him that this rejection and dislike were born with him. This feeling is important to be grasped by the reader because it is highly present in almost everything Muhammad did or said.

Muhammad was always pleased to be a helpful slave in commercial caravans that were used to take several months to move from one land to an other. Those “touristy” trips were also very formative for the adolescent Muhammad’s life as he gathered lot of knowledge and stories from different cultures and religions. So after all, he was privileged compared to adolescents of rich families who stay in their tribe instead.

But in the same time, Muhammad developed a strong disdain fro the bourgeoisie class that continued to enrich itself by enslaving orphans and prostitute's children, children of raped women, poor families who can not afford themselves to take care of their own kids or simply undesired children. Because of his natural tendency to steal, Muhammad ended up by being that “famous little bastard thief”. So after few touristy years, he found himself unwanted and had to be ready for his glooming future to remain the slave of his aging uncle who no longer was that rich and had no enough means to feed a growing young man.

Like few other rebellious former slaves, Muhammad did not want to stay a slave for the remaining of his life (that is why Muslims of today love to qualify Muhammad as their Che Guevara). Rebellious slaves can not continue living in any tribe. So they end up by associating themselves with other types of bad boys who are excommunicated by their respective tribes for a reason or an other (mainly for not respecting the local customs and laws), to form exclusively male groups which seemed to be very dangerous as there was nothing for them to eat in a desert except by attacking people to plunder them. Arabs of their time were used to call these different groups as “Sarrakoun” which means, in Arabic language, “thieves” .

The thriving commercial activities and caravans of the Middle East at that time was a factor that encouraged this culture of stealing to exist, and spurred random random slaves to dream to taste freedom and provide an asylum for their future and fantasies.

The Byzantine settlements in that region were used to be harassed by these groups of thieves that I prefer to call pirates. Byzantine chronicles awkwardly reported the appellation of such groups by the term Sarakênoi which is later slightly modified in Latin language to Sarracenus and Sarraceni, which is itself known nowadays as “Sarazins”.

While exercising his life as a pirate, Muhammad was not really sure of what he wanted to do of himself. That is why, after he became rich thanks to his plundering activities, he tried to socialize himself and return back to the normal life. For instance, he asked one of his uncle for the hand of his daughter, but he got a negative decision because no one can trust a pirate, even a rich one, with a slavery background to be the husband of his daughter. Each time he came back to his tribe to build bridges with this or that family, he is remembered that he was that possessed bastard, that lazy slave and now the pirate. These rejections and failures to socialize himself have just raised in him the feeling that he was rejected and disliked by everybody. That also remembered him that this rejection and dislike were born with him. This feeling is important to be grasped by the reader because it is highly present in almost everything Muhammad did or said.

These rejections triggered more and more anger in Muhammad who became even more aggressive and violent by endangering the economy his tribe and that of the neighboring tribes who were, in opposite, very peaceful and had common laws and treaties never to attack each others and to commonly protect the commercial caravans of the neighboring countries that were used to pass through their lands.

Arabs of that time were intelligent because they understood the only means for their to survive was to stay peace and settle peace in their region to protect the commercial caravans on their desert lands on which they can not rely to survive. But now Muhammad and his men plunder more and more commercial caravans.

Arabs were so peaceful at that time that business people did not prepare themselves to train soldiers to protect their commercial activities, their own caravans and guests’ caravans in these new conditions which were harshened by Muhammd’s violence. Never the pirates were that dangerous as before Muhammad joined and organized them. That was so serious that one of the very richest business ladies had no other to choice to protect her commerce and interests than marrying Muhammad.

That was his first wife. Khadija. She was much older than him, but the marriage was very good anyway. It was good because it was useful: the business woman who was an Arab Christian can continue doing her business safely, and Muhammad finally succeeded to join back the social life he dreamed of but in a higher and respected position in the society.

Muhammad felt for the first time that someone finally liked and loved him. At least he had that illusion because, after all, Khadija had no other choice than marrying him unlike what Muslim authors of the Abbassids hurried to modify the facts later by writing down, for political and historical reasons, that Khadija married this poor slave because he was the only one she trusted. Anything good Muslims of today say is totally wrong. Even the “Muhammad” was never the name of the so called prophet of Islam. While alive, he was never called “Muhammad” by any person. More details will come in my future articles. I repeat that the aim of this article is to be concise by providing a summarized but loyal picture of Muhammad after my several years of studying about Islam and practicing it.

Khadija softened Muhammad’s personality who no longer has a reason to be aggressive. He even proved to be a good husband. Muhammad found himself belonging to the bourgeoisie he always disdained. But now he no longer hates the bourgeoisie class since he got what they have. Only few problems remain though: his mother’s rejection for him traumatized forever. Add to that, during the previous years, his attempts to create a social status in his own tribe face collective and individual rejections. But why everybody rejected and hated him? Why the hell his mother rejected and abandoned him as a baby? He deserves to be loved after all. Yes, love, admiration: why these are not for him?

Khadija provided him the answer to those questions: if he wanted to be pardoned by the society and get the love, admiration and respect he deserves, he must find a way to erase his violent past by becoming a nice man. She taught him the love messages of Jesus. She was helped in that mission by many of her friends, including one of them who wrote for Muhammad the first writings of Quran which Muslim authors feel so uncomfortable to mention that they erased him almost completely from his biography, as they did with many other people who were extremely important to Muhammad’s life but embarrassing for Muslims and the Islamic history.

The lessons Muhammad received from his wife and his new environment about Jesus were swallowed by his narcissism and need to be loved and recognized: he wanted to be loved like Jesus. Yes, he must be as nice as Jesus and be loved and adored even more so that his bitch mom learns that even if she did not like him, everybody else loved him.

Muhammad was so fascinated by the idea of becoming a prophet that he spent hours and hours in studying Christianity and inviting Christian scholars to his own home. He was so addict to Christian teachings that one of his later wives, the famous Aicha, has complained to him about spending even the nights with a new friend who escaped from the king modern Iran who knew too much of about everything ranging from science passing by Christian, Judaism and Zoroastrianism religions.

Khadija had already 4 children before she married Muhammad. The later one tried to have children with her, but he can not. Muslim authors reported Muhammad’s sexual dysfunction such as impotence and infertility. That is why Muhammd adopted the common practice of his time by asking Khadiha to accept to sleep with other men. That resulted in Muhammad having 2 daughters of which he was not the biological father. The eldest daughter never believe that her father was a messenger of any god. She and her husband died “kufar”. Muslim authors intentionally forget to mention more than one word again about his eldest daughter, but they dedicated books about his younger one which he loved so much and gave her as a wife to the famous imam Ali whom some Chiia Muslims consider to be the real prophet.

After the death of Khadija, Muhammad had inherited lot of wealth. But it was a wealth he did not know how to invest. He rather spent it. I will explain how in a moment. But for the now, it is important to mention that the first thing Muhammad did after his first wife, the rich business Arab Christian Khadija deceased was to marry the child Aicha aged of 6 years old. Unlike what you may have read or told somewhere else, Aicha was not his fiancée when she was 6 years old because when she was 9 years old, 3 years have already passed away since the death of the rich and old Khadija. Khadija was the only woman who succeeded, thanks to her wealth, to impose to Muhammad monogamy. It is a complete lie that Aicha was his fiancée 3 years after the death of Aicha. Muslims say he married Aicha at 9 just in order to alleviate the embarrassing pedophilia aspect of this crime.

There is no single record of Muslim authors stating that Arabs were used to marry girls of that age. Muhammad was an exception. He pushed down the age limits for marriage because of three main reasons: first of all, his first marriage was already a taboo in itself as it was not in the customs of Arabs for men to marry older women. There were bullying rumors about his weird first marriage. That is why Muhammad decided to take revenge of the rumors and his marriage with a cougar, by making an other weird and unprecedented action by marrying an uncommonly too little girl of 6 years old while he was 52 years already.

The second reason was that Muhammad blamed his impotence over his first wife who was too old for him and thus never felt any desire for her. By marrying a girl of 6 years old, he hoped that his phallus would function.

The thirst and last reason, which is rather something I believe in and not something I read in Islamic books was that, consciously or unconsciously, Muhammad was seeing a child of 6 years old the boy he wanted to be. I mean, his mother abandoned him at his birth, so that is why I think maybe he felt that by taking care of a girl of 6 years old -the age at which he came back to his tribe to be the slave of his uncle after learning his mother deceased- he took care of himself instead, of that little rejected and abandoned boy Muhammad. Maybe I should not provide here my own opinion about this fact, but I do not think it would be harmful anyway. But I do not know how much this is true because Aicha reported that Muhammad broke a social custom by making sex for her the same day of her marriage after he impolitely asked her mother and few female relatives to leave the room where she was so that he gets her for himself right away. Of course, her mother and other women did not complain about it even if they were shocked because no one forgot about the pirate and violent former life of Muhammad before his first marriage.

Aicha was, of course, traumatized for being raped by a 52 years old man when she was only 6. This is an other, and hopefully the last, opinion I make here. But I say she was traumatized regarding how she behaved later as an adolescent, an adult and after the death of Muhammad (namely the fact all Islamic references mention she slept with several men while Muhammad was alive. She even slept with some slaves of Muhammad. She also murdered many people, she participated in civil wars that she started herself for pure hate and money reasons).

Muhammad took care of Aicha financially thanks to the wealth he inherited from hist first marriage. He also used most of that money to bribe important men from different tribes to publicly recognize him as a prophet, but also to pay hitmen to kill different types of people: mainly those who write or say poems to deny he was Allah’s messenger, and many other public personalities who had many following them for being prophets -yes, it was the time where lot of people claim to be a prophet, and the first of those prophet who were killed by Muhammad himself was a woman whose way and method of writing is very present in nowadays’ versions of Quran).

These expenses cost Muhammad a lot. It was not his fault because he was not a businessman. Since he was a child, he got whatever he wanted by stealing the goods of others, and later when he became adult, before Khadihja had no other choice than marrying him, became a pirate using violence to kill and plunder.

Muhammad found himself in wealth bankruptcy. But he was not ready to accept to be poor or find a job to feed himself. Therefore Muhammad started his piracy activities again because a leopard can not change his spots.

But before falling in bankruptcy, I can not forget to mention that Muhammad used also his money to bring teachers at home to continue informing him because he knew his new religion must not be contradicted by the previous ones. Even before his first wife deceased, he started to claim himself as a prophet. He started to write Quranic texts that were exclusively praising Christianity and Judaism by reproducing all the stories his uncle, his trips when he was a slave, his first wife and her relatives as well as his different personal teachers taught him about. But that was exactly the problem why he was not taken seriously because Christians, Jews and other people were used to answer him that he was not saying anything new and just repeated what is written in their own religious texts, and thus he was not a true prophet.

Nevertheless Muhammad did not give up. He was determined to win the recognition, esteem and admiration of everybody. They had no right to reject and ignore him as his mother did. Once for example, he summoned all the people of his tribe and started a long dissertation about stories that everybody knew already. By the end, some leaders of his tribe informed him that they did not want to disappoint him, they respected him by accepting his invitation for the monologue by they urged not to waste their time anymore for such things. They told him there were already dozens of people who claim all the time to be the new and true prophet. They told him he can form his own sect if he succeeds to convince any people, but they will no longer respond to his invitations.

They rejected him. As always. But that was exactly what you should not do to Muhammad: reject him as his mother did at his birth. This situation triggered the dormant violence which has been taking a nap during his short life with Khadija. So Muhammad started to assassinate his competitors, I mean the ones, like him, claimed to be prophets. The first of those prophets he slaughtered with his own hands was a woman. Not only he slaughtered her but he stole the book where she was used to write her own divine messages. She was known to be an exceptionally talented poet and wise woman. That is why, some of the very first Quranic texts are full plagiarism upon her work.

Being rejected has also made Muhammad confused: for instance, he did not know which direction he should give to his religion which is supposed not to contradict the existing ones but, in the same time, must be different from them. That is when the idea of using his uncle who was already very old but very respected in the community as a second prophet. I mean, he started to say to people that Allah sent him and his uncle as the last real prophets to humankind. He then wrote new versions of sourates literally claiming: “we [Allah] sent the Wholy Quran for both of you”. But doing so, he even lost more credibility.

Muhammad became less credible especially after he changed the name of god: previously, he was saying Jesus, then his mother, then both of them was/were the god. But as Arab Christians were already divided on this question, he did not receive the support he was looking for. Then he changed the name of his god several times. This is a fact reported by Quran itself.

He also chosen as gods for his new religion the common ones of his tribe and its neighbors. For example, he chose the famous god of moon called Allah and his wife, a star called Allat.

Finally he chose the names of 3 gods which were very popular at his time: namely the 2 gods of a famous prophet who was the only prophet that Muhammad did not kill because he had so many thousands of followers through all the surrounding tribes. You can not kill such a person just like that. The two gods in question are “Rahman” and “Rahim” which are mentioned nowadays, along with Allah, whenever Muslims read a sourate or verse.

In fact, Muhammad did not invent anything new: he just picks randomly, depending on the political situation, this or that trinity gods from the existing gods of his time. Also, lot of Quranic text of nowadays was written by his friends, not him (namely things related to alcohol because Muhammad was taking the drugs of his time and alcohol, add that to a wild sexuality and bloody life, he often forgets what Quranic text he taught to these or those Muslims, his memory gaps caused by drugs -hashish- and alcohol lead to confusion and threatened his credibility, so Muhammad explained his “amnesia” by the fact Satan takes the form of Gabriel, sometimes, to pretend he was sent by god(s) to teach his fake Quran, and only later Gabriel, the true one, comes and tells him that was a wrong text: and that is why terrorists of today take drugs, just like their prophet Muhammad, that is also why lot of Muslims take alcohol and drugs today -and in the past- and the famous Hashahin Muslims did the same)

Muhammad needed a trinity god. The Muslim authors themselves deny that Islam is monotheist. The difference between the trinity god of Islam with that of Christianity is that the first one is exclusively male. The reason for that was because Muhammad hate his mother and grand mother so much to the point he hated all women. That is why he abandoned the female god and wife of Allah called “Allat”. This same hate towards his mother is also what pushed him to humiliate women by forcing them to wear hijab which only prostitutes were used to wear at that time. That is the origin of hijab. The only difference between the hijab of today and that of those prostitutes who lived at the time of Muhammad was the color: whores always wore either red or black hijab. The whores with red hijab usually did not hide their faces, but the women who had to prostitute and keep their identity wore black veils that covered their faces also in order not to be recognized (I will discuss this in details in the future). Note that this hijab law was dictated by Muhammad after he was angry to see his different wives, including his favorite one, Aicha, sleeping with different men. He was so angry with his wives that he decided to punish them and treat them as whores by forcing them to wear the hijab. I maybe have to repeat that prostitution is one of the very few forms of sexual relationships which is disdained by the customs of Arabs at that time. Today, every woman who wears veils clearly claims, according to Muhammad and history of Arabs and Islam, that she is a whore. That is why it is ridiculous to see feminists claiming that hijab which is, in Islam, a symbol of humiliation of women, as a symbol of freedom. Believe me or not, even the leader of feminists in USA is a Muslim wearing hijab. But that is a fact I have to swallow because values change by time. Or I must say that values change by ignorance and lack of reading, searching and thinking. That is a long parenthesis I should not may be open here. But since I did, I will not return to the subject of origin of hijab in Islam in this same article.

When finally Muhammad succeeded to give “definitive” names for the gods who were sending him divine messages, people still did not believe him. I write “definitive” with quotation marks because it is not the truth, because at least twice more, Muhammad changed the names of the trinity gods among other popular gods worshiped by Arabs of that time. But I can not provide more details here. People even told him he was mentally sick, especially that even as a child he was thought to be possessed by evil. People had no explanation as for his change of moods, decisions and definitions of Islam and his gods other than believing he was sick and possessed.

Muhammad had to take a trinity divinity to copy/paste the Christian principles as a large proportion of Arabs were Christians at his time. In the same time, he had to take the names of 3 local gods who were worshiped by Arabs otherwise it will be extremely difficult for him to convince anybody, especially that Arabs were known to be proud and jealous of their respective deities. Each tribe had its few collections of gods, and each individual within the same Arabic tribe had the right to have his own personal gods at home.

Muhammad also continued trying to convince Christians, and more importantly Jews that he was a prophet. When they show they had other things to do than listening to his weird moods and constant changing opinions, he gets mad, so he asks Muslims to pray in the direction of Mecca. When he cools down, he tries to seduce Jews and honor them by asking his fellows, who were very few, a dozen or two, depending on sources, to pray in the direction of what is called nowadays Jerusalem where no mosque existed but Muhammad just wanted to say to Jews: “hey, if you believe I am your prophet, you have to know my religion accepts and confirms your believes and I am even asking everybody to worship your divine places”. But that is already the same thing for Arab Christians and non Christians. Jews perfectly understood that and never took him for serious.

No one took him for serious indeed. Because he did not stop harassing everybody to recognize him as a prophet, people start to get tired of him so they remember him of his background: “you are a bastard, bastards can not be prophets”, “you are a slave, a rebellious slave, a thief, you plundered, you harmed our economy in the past, even as a child you started to steal and you were aggressive, most of the people who follow you they do it because you pay them with the wealth you inherited from your first wife … no, you are not inclined and predisposed to be a prophet with such negative qualities”.

All the efforts Muhammad did were in vain. His fortune is spent. The bankruptcy finally knocks on the doors. Who can accept to leave the life of luxury and wealth and be poor again? No one. At least, that was not the case of Muhammad.

Muhammad started to vomit his hate and anger over everyone who rejected him. Especially the Jews and Arab Christians who were the dominant business class. They rejected him as his bitch mother did. He spent their fortune to buy followers who stopped following him now that he is poor. He spent all the money to convince this bourgeoisie of Jews and Christians. They are responsible for his glooming poor near future and rejection by everybody else. They must pay. They will regret that.

Everybody became his target now. The Jews first. Then the Christians. Then everybody else, especially the ones who left Islam and betrayed him after he paid them heavily to stay around his shoulders to support his lies.

To recover back the wealth he inherited from Khadija and which he spent in buying followers and paying poets to praise him publicly, Muhammad returned back to his favorite activities: stealing by violence. I mean piracy. And he was lucky in that.

He was lucky because 2 famous feared pirate groups moved from modern Yemen to nearby Quraysh to plunder. Under mysterious circumstances where Muslim authors only report that these 2 tribes are his far relatives from the side of his mother, and that he is linked to them by blood, Muhammad succeeded to unify these 2 pirate groups and became their leader. He became their leader because he changed the rules of piracy of that time, as reported by Quran itself. When pirates attack a commercial caravan, they plunder everything after killing the men and useless old women. Then every pirate had to give the fourth of what he plundered to the leader. With Muhammad, pirates had more saliva falling down because he asked them to pay him less: only the fifth. I believe that was one of the most factors that helped him to unify these 2 pirate groups (called Aws and Khazraj, by Islamic literature)

Muhammad became then, more than ever, a serious threat for all the economy of the region, especially his own tribe where there were lot of Jews and Christians. The bourgeoisie class of Quraysh had no army. They just had few barely trained slaves and soldiers to protect their commercial caravans and business, but nothing to compare with the feared army of pirate of Muhammad.

After few years of piracy activities, Muhammad was rich and powerful enough to launch direct assaults on Quraysh which he sieged many times. Finally the businessmen and women of Quraysh unified their efforts with the neighboring tribes and created a common army to defend their lands and protect the economy and peace on their lands by defending against the piracy attacks of Muhammad.

The unified Jewish, Christian and Arabic army became strong enough and decided to purchase Muhammad and his pirates. They succeeded in that. Muhammad and his pirates had no other choice than to flee far from Quraysh. The date of this escape corresponds to the beginning of the Islamic calender. So when Prince Charles wanted to stand for refugees rights by saying last year that the peaceful Muhammad himself was a refugee, you can imagine I needed some cups of strong alcohol to swallow his ignorance (or manipulation).

When he joined the 2 piracy groups and succeeded to unify them, Muhammad started to make a big shift in his Quranic poetry. The change is so drastic that he started to kill everyone who rejects him, especially the intellectuals of that time who were mainly Jews who he started to call in his Quran names such as pigs and monkeys. He asks for their murder. The same for Christians. He said it is the duty of every Muslim to kill non Muslims, especially the Jews. He said this is a valid law from his trinity god (among which is Allah) for all times and places until the day of resurrection and judgment. This is extremely important to remember because it explains that what you see the extreme hate Muslims of today (and of the past, of course) have against Israel has nothing to do with what they say. Antisemitism and the racial hate of Jews never existed in Arabic culture before Muhammad. It was the problem of Muhammad. It was Muhammad’s hate which Muslims of today inherited as they do for all his other psychological diseases. This is what I call the venerated hate because it is a religious duty for Muslims. If you ask a Muslim to love Israel or Jews, it is the same thing as if you ask him to abandon Islam and become an atheist or whatever because it is a synonym of asking him to deny and not accept what constitutes the heart of Muhammad: hate of Jews and the divine duty to kill them wherever and whenever they exist. Every citizen of the West World must stop being blindly manipulated by Muslims for a fake Islamic cause. Why you do not stand for our rights in North Africa, for example, where we are completely erased by the racism of the bloody Islam? Even after conversion to Islam, the few of us who still speak their mother tongue instead of Arabic, at home, still endure the Islamic racism and are massively murdered here in Algeria, on our lands. Jews must take back not only what you call Palestine, but most of the land of the middle East, including Egypt according to Quran and history. Are French people ready to welcome Jews to live in France? No one. So let Jews to live on their homeland then.

Coming back to the main subject, you understand now that the few peaceful messages of Quran date back to the period when Muhammad was trying to seduce Jews and Christians to accept him as their new and last prophet. All those peaceful messages which Muslims of today use to manipulate you and depict a good picture of Muhammad and Islam are not accepted in Quran itself which says that Allah has abrogated them by the hate, racist and violent Quranic speech instead. Muslim authors themselves admit that 78% of the Quranic text is abrogated by Quran itself (in which case, Muslims have to tear 78% of the pages of Quran and, from now on, publish only the remaining 22% of it which is extremely hateful, violent, pervert and racist)

When Muhammad escaped from Quraysh with his piracy large group, many Arabic tribes refused to welcome him because they did not agree with his piracy activities, on one side, and, on the other side, they were afraid of the revenge of Quraysh and its allies. There was only one tribe who accepted to give him asylum and it was a 100% Jewish tribe which all Muslims of today heard about. When Muhammad gathered his strength by continuing his piracy activities far from Quraysh, he erased from Earth the only tribe that gave him asylum for the simple fact of being Jews.

Muhammad, wealthy, strong and with a larger army of pirates, came back to Quraysh which had no choice other than surrendering. He ordered the killing of everyone who refused to convert except some very rich businessmen because, for the materialistic and political reasons you can guess, Muhammad needed them. There was an exception of some non rich personalities though: Muhammad ordered to kill them even if after they convert to Islam and stay clinging on the walls of Kaaba. They were mainly poor women and men who exercised as poets and criticized his violent behaviors in the past. He killed some of those opponents by cutting their eyes, hands and feet; then he bound them and asked to leave them dying of thirst and bleeding. As you can see, ISIS is just an amateur compared to what Muhammad was doing. I will write a detailed article of the foregoing scene, and everything I mention here, in my future articles.

Muhammad settled down and was the final winner in his long battle. He was very wealthy swimming in oceans of sex, food and gold. He hired the best doctors of his time who provided him something that we can call “traditional Viagra” to heal from his impotence and infertility. I already provided proof of this in a previous article, and I still can do more in the future about the same subject. For the moment, I mention this just to explain you how come Muhammad was a sexual pervert collecting women and girls while he was impotent.

He was so obsessed by sex. There is for example the story of this Jewish woman he married the same day he killed her parents husband and all children. He did not even give her few weeks to mourn for her the assassination of her cherished ones. Is there any dirtier and more terrorist psychology as that of Muhammad?

For the rich businessmen and relatives who refused to join him, Muhammad always used the trinity god (which Muslims of today reduce to Allah) to threaten and insult them. Yes, in Quran of today there are traces left and sustaining this fact. The culture of insults which is widely spread among Muslims is highly sustained by Muhammad and Islam.

Muhammad was fascist of course. For instance, he destroyed all the deities and precious writings which different Arabic tribes put inside Kaaba. Before the advent of Muhammad, Arabs were extremely tolerant and open. Several religions and rituals coexisted, and each tribe had the full right to represent its god inside Kaaba where even writings and representations of Jesus were visible and dominant. Muhammad by his narcissism and the attention he deeply needed and lacked as a child, wanted only his voice to be heard. Thus Kaaba was Islamized according to what Muhammad wanted. The fanaticism of Islamic countries of today and that of Muslims throughout history could not appear if Muhammad did not exist. All the psychological diseases and sufferances of Muhammad are inherited in Algeria and everywhere else among Muslims.

By time, there was absolutely no non Muslim left. That brought many problems to Muhammad. For example, he was paranoiac and never trusted that people really believed in him. So he decided to tell them they are under his total control and whatever they do, think or say, god was informing him of that, and after all each individual has 2 angels living inside his shoulders writing down what he thinks, say and do until his death.

Muhammad was so insure of himself -well, I can not blame him for that, given what he had to endure as a child- that he was over controlling everybody: he even taught Muslims how to shit (I am not joking: all what is written here is serious). If he has the slightest doubt in a Muslim, he murders him. Of course, that is his character as a pirate leader: trust is a synonym of death and life.

The paranoia of Muhammad went too much further: he was afraid that someone steals his gold, sexual slaves or simply leave the imprisoned community. The solution, as always, was to invoke and use Allah to achieve his goals. His paranoia was the origin that gave birth to Islamic prayers as we know it today (previously to Muhammad, Arabs were praying according to their own believes, and when he ordered them to pray in the direction of Jerusalem or Kaaba, he asked them to pray in their own ways, but just to change the direction, otherwise, Islamic prayers as we know them today never existed before the paranoia and lack of self confidence hit hardly the aging terrorist and mass murderer Muhammad).

Muhammad wrote new text where he said Allah orders Muslims to pray for him in a different manner and always inside the mosque they just built for their purpose. Muslims had then to wake very early and go to the mosque. They also sleep late after coming back from the mosque. 3 times during the day time they must pray again in the mosque. In fact, this is a system of “present yourself and sign your presence in the police office”. There were Muslims coming from the neighboring tribes 5 days to pray and it was so difficult for them because it takes almost all their time as they live far away, so one of those tribes built a mosque and started to pray there. Muhammad was extremely angry and ordered a group of his most bloodiest pirates to go there. Once in that tribe, he surrounded the mosque and asked to empty it or burn alive everybody inside it. Once the mosque was emptied, Muhammad ordered its destruction. This is stated in Quran, and it is not a lie I invent. I repeat and repeat again: everything I mention here will be detailed generously in my coming articles that I will write whenever my health and circumstances allow me. So when Muslims tell you that ISIS does not represent Islam because they destroy mosques, that is an absolute Islamic lie because they perfectly know that the first one to destroy a mosque was Muhammad himself. Muhammad did not accept mosques to be built apart from his own one because he was afraid that people would talk negatively against him and maybe plot a putsch. No one should escape from his open prison and everybody must sign his and her presence inside his mosque 5 times per day. That was the only way to discover the missing people right away when they decide to leave the imprisoned and terrorized community.

When people got fed up of the piracy life style, and lot of them did not agree secretly to attack and invade other tribes to plunder them as they were, in the past, either their allies in business and commerce or simply relatives, Muhammad decided to starve them and tell them there was nothing to eat. He told them that the economy of his Islamic state was not going well (which thing is logic as Muhammad and his Muslims did not develop agriculture or industry and commerce to survive with, Muhammad and Muslims lived only by plundering and murdering the surrounding countries). That was the origin of Ramadan in Islam. Ramadan, just as prayers, has nothing to do with spirituality: to motivate Muslims for invasion and plunder, Muhammad, as a very experienced pirate, knew the effect of starvation that any man can try: being angry, aggressive, sexually excited and wanting to eat everything and anything. That is exactly the attitude and spirit an effective pirate needs to have so that he becomes useful for his leader Muhammad, who was very generous in describing the Paradise as a sex addict place where Allah offers to Muslims lot of food and drinks.

The other paramount problem that resulted from everybody being converted to Islam was that Muhammad had no neighboring lands to conquer and plunder for sex, animals, clothes, gold and other goods. Of course, he was conquering other far lands, but when that instinct of plunder and murder nudges his mind, he can not resist and be patient until he reaches very far lands. So depending on his mood and paranoia, he randomly selects a given Islamic tribe and tells his followers that they were not true Muslims, and thus they deserved to be killed. Everybody welcomes the news and go to kill, rape and plunder their Muslim brothers just as ISIS and other Islamic groups do.

But the foregoing system was dangerous: among the soldiers and chiefs, not everybody was akin to the idea of killing and plundering Muslim families who can be their relatives (even if lot of them liked this idea: lot of Muslims slaughtered their own children, or asked Muhammad the permission to slaughter their own father or mother: this remembers me exactly of the terrorist decade I witnessed in Algeria and where your own uncle can come and kill you just because he suspects you for not being a true Muslim: perfect copy/past of Muhammad’s behaviors)

Anyway, the fact Muhammad ordered the killing and plunder of other Islamic tribes seemed to trigger conflicts and nagging as time goes on. That was why Muhammad decided it was better to restrict mass killings and invasion only on farther lands. But it was quite a late decision because wounds were already opened among Muslims, and the paranoia of Muhammad developed into a collective paranoia.

Two days before his assassination, Muhammad summoned his army to invade Europe. His experienced pirates told him it was a far land and Europeans, while they were already weak in that region, they may still be strong within their lands. They told Muhammad that it will cost them a lot and maybe they had not enough means to invade Europe. They solicited him to invade closer countries instead. But finally Muhammad convinced it was the right decision by making saliva abundant in their piracy instincts when, some of his close “generals” asked him what was the reason to invade very far lands such as Europe, Muhammad answered him by an evil smile: “our men will be happy to fuck beautiful blond girls”. Nothing can be more convincing for pirates. The decision was accepted … but there was a dangerous problem that comes with.

The problem, as mentioned above, started when Muhammad asked Muslims to kill and plunder other neighboring Islamic tribes under the excuse they were not true Muslims (note that the notion of “not true Muslim” exists in Quran and is widely used by all Muslims of the world to insult each others or simply talk to diminish and disdain the values of their enemies and people they do not like: this is valid for a simple citizen and to the whole country itself -you are enough smart to know which present events I am referring to … well, not even sure you kept reading until here, but no worries, I like to talk to myself). There was too much animosity and mistrust among Muslims because everybody was scared to be the next target of Muhammad and be accused to not be a true Muslim.

But Muhammad, even as the leader, was even more paranoiac. That is why he chose a young man of 17 years old only to lead the army of pirates to mass murder and plunder Europe. His long term, right hand and very experienced pirates were very angry for the decision. They were convinced Muhammad was very unfair and mean with them: they deserved to lead the invasion of Europe. It was the invasion of their lives, the plunder that will bring them the sexiest beautiful sexual slaves and much money and gold. So they decided to kill him. They used one of his several wives, the one he liked (but never trusted) the most: Aicha. She poisoned him. Muhammad suffered few days and died. Muslims do not know the exact day death of Muhammad. I mean every resource mentions a different day.

The cadaver of Muhammad was buried only after an advanced decomposition because there were some people who thought he would wake up (as Jesus did). But that never happened. Muhammad died forever, but not his racist and bloody ideology.

Here in France, security resources said that from 1000 to 22 000 Muslims have left France to join ISIS. In Every European, there are Muslims who left their peaceful lives and went to kill and be killed in Syria and Irak. But why?

Before answering this question, you have to know that similar Islamic states existed and appeared through different eras of Islamic histories. The first one, of course, was the Islamic (piracy) state that Muhammad conceived himself. The Omeyyades and Abbassids were one of those Islamic states too. Each one of them was more or less successful.

Now let us come back to our above question: why dozens of thousands of Muslims from all European countries joined ISIS (without counting the ones who can not go for a reason or an other)? The answer is very simple: they wanted to continue and concertize the dream of Muhammad by building a strong Islamic there in Syria and Irak, so that they can come to invade Europe to fulfill the final assault and invasion Muhammad dreamt to do.

The assassination of Muhammad (yes, Muslim authors use the term “assassination”, as I said, everything I write here will be justified and developed through future articles), triggered a long series of civil wars among Muslims throughout the centuries. Thus before even Muhammad was buried, fights, murders and plots fired among his closest relatives and pirate soldiers. The best friends of Muhammad right away came to his youngest daughter’s house -as mentioned previously, Muhammad had no child because he was infertile, but this daughter was a result of giving his first wife to be bedded by other men) to search for gold and other precious objects. He always loved this girl and her husband, so they strongly believed if there was a place where he left the gold of many years of plunder and piracy activities, it must be his daughter’s house. They almost killed her with her husband by burning them alive, before even Muhammad was buried.

Muhammad informed his closest friends and relatives that Allah accepts them in his paradise directly. In the same time, he said in his Quran that any Muslim who kills an other Muslim will go to hell directly and without any judgment because Allah become after such assassinations. Nevertheless, all those best friends and relatives of Muhammad killed each others. So I do not know how the anus of Allah will resolve this dilemma. Muslims had to kill each others right away after the assassination of Muhammad because of things your already have guessed: to be his successor, to inherit his gold and fortune, his prestige (yes, being violent and aggressive is a virtue and prestige in the Islamic world). If you study the history of Muslims, you will find there has not been one single year, since the advent of Muhammad, some group did not kill an other group. What started in the Middle East during the life and after the assassination of Muhammad was extremely bloody and barbarian. And I truly believe that Arabs would have a better prestige today if Muhammad did not exist. Nothing of what they inherited today was that of their ancestors who were extremely peaceful, tolerant and open to other religions, cultures and even sexuality.

The civil wars that followed the assassination of Muhammad, shaped everything in the Islamic culture. Even Quran was gathered and written, re-written during those civil wars. The first Muslim caliph had to burn lot of Quranic versions with which he did not agree. This including the versions of Quran who were more educated and informed than him, as Muhammad asked to listen to them and the Quran they will transmit after his death. The original Quran was around 10 to 20 times larger than the one of today.

Quran has been modified many times throughout the history. Deleting, modifying and adding new text has always been a common practice. In Algeria, for instance, our religious authorities have banned a version of Quran written by one of the wives of Muhammad, and which we have been using until the month of Ramadan 2010. Now we follow the same Quran as that of Saudia Arabia. The differences between the two versions are not big but embarrassing for Muslims.

Ibn Ishaq was the first Muslim to write an autobiography of Muhammad. He did it a little more than one century and three decades after the assassination of Muhammad. The Abbasid Islamic state did not agree with that version so they asked one of his students to eliminate everything that can give a bad image about Muhammad for future generations. I So the original biography of Muhammad never reached us. I wish it still exists so that I can study the poems of those who denied and rejected him as a prophet. Those poems could be a great historical resource.

Future generations of Islamic dynasties always modified the biography of Muhammad to hide his piracy activities or reword them in more politically correct way that the sheep can swallow. Muslims still invent today hadiths to give a totally angelic and different image of Muhammad. This is not something I say but I only report what Muslims of today say on their televisions and in their books. I myself was shocked to discover, while I studied in Limoges, but also in other French mosques such as in Montpelier, Lyon and Bordeaux, hadiths of peace and love that I never learned in Algerian schools and mosques. Those peaceful hadiths are a pure invention otherwise no Muslim can stay in France after all what they are doing from time to time. And of course, as on the time of Muhammad, Muslims here in France accuse each others of not being representative of Islam and, as Muhammad wrote in his Quran, not being true Muslims.

As I said, not only hadiths are invented to depict a better image of Muhammad. But even if Quran is hard to modify especially because of the technological advancement, Quran is nowadays subject to more cynical modifications: for instance, for non Muslims, Muslims write books where they modify the meaning of words to an unimaginable point; thus the word “katilou” which means literally “over kill”, or “kill a lot” is nowadays explained in French mosques as “be good, active ...” or something like that. Not only the modifications of the meaning of Quranic texts are done here, but also in the Islamic world itself. For example there is phrase in Quran which asks Muslim men to tie women in the bed and rape them in case they refuse, for a reason or an other, a physical relation with their husband. Because it is hard for Muslims of today to do that, and they feel shame to show that to the world, new Muslim authors appeared to modify the meaning of that verb into “leave”. From “bind/tie/attach them in the bed” to “leave them in the bed” that is very huge shift in meaning.

An other twisting of meaning of words, which is even worse, is inherent to “Nikah” word. Muslims of nowadays are so embarrassed by it that they say it means marriage. But it means marriage only when it comes to Quran. Otherwise, the only meaning of this word is simply “to fuck”. The proof: if you are tired of your life and want to suicide, then I offer you this option: go to any country where Arabic is an official language, and ask a family to “nikah” their daughter: they will kill you right away.

There are so many such contradictions in Muslims’ behaviors. For instance, they are perfectly aware that Islam strictly forbids them to live on non Islamic lands such as those of Europe, but still Muslims dare to live here in France and ask French people to respect Islam, instead of starting to respect Islam themselves first by going back to their original Islamic lands as Muhammad asks them to do. But such contradictions are not real ones if you know Muhammad, Islam and Muslims: the ideology of piracy is the ideology of opportunism, interests and exploitation.

Anyway, let us continue the main subject ... Because of this constant modification of Quranic texts’ meaning, Arabs are the only ones in the world who still refuse to have an etymological dictionary. I hope you understand what I mean (well, maybe I have been the only reader up to now, but I like to read and write for myself, as I said). The lies of Muslims to themselves and to the world reaches the point where everything cool or so-so you heard about Muhammad is a complete lie. Even his name is lie because he was never called Muhammad during his life. Muhammad is an adjective that is translated into Arabic and that designs Jesus. The real name of Muhammad is something else and, during his life, was either called by his real name or by direct and indirect offenses.

One of the most terrible modifications of Quran done by Muslims was when they added a verse that stated that Muhammad traveled when he was sleeping, thanks to Allah’s powers, to what Muslims of today call the mosque Al Aqsa. That is a pure lie through a verse Muslim authors added many years later after the assassination of the prophet Muhammad the pirate. Al Aqsa mosque was built later after Muslims enlarged and continued the piracy and plunder activities of Muhammad the pirate. This is not what I say but what is written in Islamic books and history. I will dedicate a special article about this later.

Why do I write all this? I am just a software developer and information security expert, normally I am not supposed to dirt my ass and interest about Islam. Well, there are personal reasons I prefer not to mention, at least for now. There are also more important reasons: the world is tolerating an extremely violent and racist ideology that has nothing to do with spirituality, and thus can never be called a religion. I saw in my country the effects of Islam in every individual and in the whole society. Each Muslim inherits the dangerous physiological diseases of Muhammad who was extremely violent and thirsty for blood, plunder and rape. Even the fact Muhammad was necrophiliac and tolerated necrophilia for his pirate soldiers, still affects the Muslims of today in their sexuality.

Muhammad was abandoned at birth by his own mother. He lacked love and attention. I highly am convinced and believe that was the real source of all his violence and bloody personality. Because he was not loved as a child, he hated all women to the point, not only he rapes them the same day he kills their relatives, but he indefinitely treats them whores and prostitutes as his mother. If you study his words and actions, you will clearly see how much his birth and childhood affected him a lot. Even when people refused to listen to him and recognize him as their prophet, he created a full world where he thinks he is loved and adored immensely. For example, he says that phantoms, ghosts and djinns love him and and converted to Islam. He even claimed that all angels love him. Even Allah loves him and prefer him upon all previous prophets. Allah even pray for Muhammad. More important than that, Muhammad is the god otherwise if you say you believe everything related to Islam and you convert to Islam and say you believe in Allah but not in Muhammad then your conversion is not accepted and you die kafir. You are condemned to adore and admire Muhammad’s sexual assaults, slavery, plunder and mass murder, and targeted individual assassinations if you want to convert to Islam because the narcissism and need of admiration and love of Muhammad is so huge that he wanted to be loved even after his death and forever. If you think I exaggerate in saying Muhammad considers himself the god, then maybe you have to blame one of his famous wives who told him that Allah was there to respond to his sexual desires and fantasia. You will have also to explain me, if you disagree, why Muhammad says when Allah throws someone into hell, Muhammad has the final decision as whether he agrees the person to be in hell or paradise. Allah himself prays for Muhammad: but because humans should pray for a god, it is clear that Muhammad is the god.

Because my studies of Islam that started since my childhood taught me that Islam is far more a dangerous ideology than Nazism or any other ideology in the history of humankind, and because I see what Muslims have done in North Africa to the point we are nowadays mostly Arabs, I am afraid that this is the fate that Europe and other non Islamic countries will face sooner or later. The truth is that it already started thanks to the albino monkeys.

There we come: what is the strange title of this article? What are albino monkeys? By albino monkeys, I refer to monkeys who are not black (and no, I do not mean black people in anyway, skin color does not make any difference to me), I mean all these white people from the West World who defend Islam as a religion of peace. All these brainless blonds who, after failing to get a white penis, they sacrifice their own identity, culture and centuries of struggling for freedom done by their ancestors, by converting to Islam.

Muslims systematically convert to Islam non Muslim women and that is their condition sine qua non to marriage. This condition is not only denies love because if you love a woman, you have to accept her as she is. All what is respectable to try to change in your wife would be, maybe, things like addiction to coffee, alcohol, smoking or anything that harms her health and that of your future kids. Apart from that, she does not have to share your political and ideological racism. I say racism because Muhammad and Islam are racists. You do not even need to know that Muhammad said he belongs to the best tribe, the best race and speaks the best language to understand that: The simple fact you have to convert as a condition of marriage is already a good example of racism: not accepting the other, the different people, only those who belong to my ideology.

When I see all these racists who hate Jews, Christians and non Muslims to death become heroes on social media thanks to male and female albino monkeys I just can not stop farting under shock and such unrealistic situation. But that is a reality I have to admit: to the point hijab which is the symbol of humiliation and slavery of women, is nowadays the symbol of freedom for feminists and similar albino monkeys Islamic trash movement. Believe it or not Billal: the leader of feminists, human rights, democracy, freedom of speech and all such similar things in USA is a Muslim woman. Kiss your ass Billal ! More dangerous than that: Islam is tolerated in the West World!

Of course, by albino monkeys, I do not only refer to blond women. I rather include all other women of the West World, but also all other men who support Islam and Muslims in a way or an other. I also include all those hateful albino monkeys who hate Islam and Muslims without knowing anything serious about Islam. This last type of albino monkeys hate Islam and Muslims just in the same way they hate any other type of foreigners. So I consider them as dangerous as Islam and Muslims. In this context, Donal Trump is a perfect example of what I call an albino monkey. No need to remember that Hitler was a fan of Islam and had as one of his best friends the greatest mufti of Islam of his time. Islam and Nazism were (and are still) friends because the later one is a fan of the first. Political parties here in France are infected by Islamic activists. By political parties, I am not only talking about the left ones: but the right ones also who are may be equally infected by Muslim activists as the left ones. The most racist albino monkey here in France (Alain Soral) calls Muslims his brothers, and has as a best friend a black Muslim monkey called Dieudonky (sorry, Dieudonné, but I use "monkey" regarding the racist Islam, not the skin color). Both of them spread what Muhammad wanted the most: eternal hate and persecution of Jews. I will need to create a special category about these statements later. There is no single government who does not give more lands to this cancer of the racist and hateful bloody Islam ideology. In Canada, Europe, USA and everywhere else: people are going to endure what happened to my ancestors the Amazigh people who are now totally erased linguistically, culturally and on all other levels thanks to the racism of the bloody and hateful Islam.

I believe there are several reasons why there are lot of albino monkeys in Europe: first of all, is ignorance of Islam. Albino monkeys are easily manipulated by Muslims thanks to the rich Islamic states who invest lot of money and efforts in all the fields and all the levels to spread Islam in the West World through many plenty of mosques, seemingly cultural associations and clubs, universities, international organizations (in brief, all what they claim Freemasonry is doing). The West World think it has to be cool with Muslims and Islam because these Islamic states do not produce anything apart from their natural resources, so they are useful clients for the West (just check yourself the military weapons contracts and sales between the West and the Islamic states, for instance). The second reason is naivety. I mean, lot of leftists can not invent a new illusion, a new ideal for their illusions, so they think the battle is no longer for proletariat but for Muslims and Islam. The third and last important factor is that many group of activists and politicians hate so much the industrial and capitalist world that they are ready to be the allies of Satan to break and destroy it down so that they could build a new ideal world.

If you compare the names Muhammad and Muslims call us in Quran, and thus 17 times per day when they pray to the "monkey" term I use here, you will guess that is a compliment... But how the hell you dare to call me racist or Islamophobic? Well, if you mean by Islamophobia “fear of Islam” as its literal meaning in Greek language suggest, then yes, I am Islamophobic. If you rather want to say I dislike Islam then: should I like it? Do you like Nazism? I think if you are a normally balanced person, you will think I am a retard by asking you such obvious question. Not only I intensely dislike Islam but I truly believe it is the duty of every human who knows Islam to fight it. We ban Nazism then why we do not ban Islam which is much more violent, hateful and dangerous? I am not asking for violence against Muslims, no: any solution that involves blood is just as dangerous as Islam itself. We ban Nazism without being bloody, so we can do the same with Islam.

But again, why the hell give yourself the right to ask me not to be Islamophobic? I studied, practiced, lived, experienced, endured Islam and Muslims since my childhood and you dare to judge my opinions are being racists? But does not racism consist in tolerating racism (Islam) and even defend, promote and praise it? Or is racism any struggle and effort to fight against racism like I do?

When you see a black person calling an other black person “monkey”, you can not say he is racist. In the same way, when I see a white and native French person talking to me about negative things in his society, French culture, government or neighbors I can not say this person is racist. I rather believe such people are just disappointed. Personally, I absolutely have nothing against your skin color. All what concerns me is if the hero of your life is the ideology of racism, murder and hate which is Islam. If I see Marlyn Monroe wearing hijab I will have the same feelings as if I see Muhammad or a black/white/red/blue Muslim person (men or woman). If you are not embracing the racist and hateful Islam, I absolutely do not give a shit about who you are and what you do.

Everything I mentioned so far about Islam and Muhammad in this article is very true. And trust me I did not say anything compared to what must be shown and explained. I just gave a big picture about Muhammad to explain you that when Muslims say terrorists have nothing to do with Islam is a lie. I wanted to explain that Islam must be banned. You can not say your Muslim friends are cool. A Nazi fan who does not kill is not cool. A scorpion who does not bite you does not mean it does not have venom. Most of the terrorists who are caught here in France and Belgium are described to be extremely nice and cool by their neighbors, so you are not the first one to think your Muslim friends are so cool. The proof is in yourself: do you respect women? Do you believe women are capable to program and be smart? Do you love Israel? Do you really respect homosexuals? If you have Muslim friends or neighbors, then I know you will answer “no” at least once because you are already partially converted to Islam. Islam does not consist in going to a mosque, Islam consists in adopting Islamic hate, racism and other pervert principles. All Muslims, starting from Muhammad, say it is enough to say you believe in Allah and Muhammad to be a Muslim. So you do not need to go mosque 5 times per day to solicit Allah during 17 times per day to throw his anger and death over non Muslims.

The whole point is about the filthy and violent personality of Muhammad the pirate: thus pretending Islam a religion, or comparing it to Christianity or whatever, is already a wrong direction because even if it is true that Christianity had its bad past, Islam was bad from its birth. Christians killed, true, but Jesus did not ask for that, but Jesus did not do that with his own hands to give example for his fellows. While Muhammad slaughtered so many innocent people, his hate of Jews is alive today in the heart of every Muslim. Muhammad killed other Muslims just to plunder them: that is what ISIS and other falsly called “terrorist organizations” do today: they kill both Muslims -they believe they are not true Muslims, as Quran itself depicts the Muslims who must be killed- and non Muslims. Now if you tell me your Muslim friends are peaceful and cool, it is at least the same situation when you tell me you have a Nazi friend but he is peaceful and does not kill any Jew: trust me, your Nazi friend does not kill Jews because your country is strong enough to protect its citizens, otherwise you are completely dumb to say your Muslim friends are so cool. You can not follow a terrorist of the scope of Muhammad and say you are peaceful. The whole town of Molenbeek in Belgium full of peaceful cool Muslims who did not kill anyone protected, fed and gave a bed for their infamous brother Salah Abdeslam during several months before police discovered that. It is neither my knowledge o f Islam nor my body who will deny the foregoing.

Final and last boring paragraph: all what I said will be proven by documenting it from Islamic references. And trust me I did not say, almost, anything. This is just a big picture of Muhammad and his ideology. For example, if you read until here, you can remember I did not mention that Muhammad raped women. But still this is case and reported by witnesses of his time themselves. I know my efforts are useless to fight against Islam, but that is not an excuse for me to shut up. I know Islam will thrive and dominate because history proves that for an ideology to succeed, it must not obey to the rule of quality (good or bad), but only to the rule of quantity (number).