Inglourious basterds

Posted on Thu 16 March 2017 in Algeria

On 2005, A.Boucenna, an Algerian professor, stated in his "On the origin of the Arabic numerals" research that what we wrongly call nowadays Arabic numerals are actually invented in Bejaia. Personally I was not surprised when I read his publication not because I was born in Bejaia and lived there but because of 2 main reasons: the first one is that these Arabic numerals are very similar to Tifinagh which is the alphabet of my mother tongue. Secondly, because everything related to the culture, language, history and identity of Amazigh people to whom I belong and who are the native people of North Africa, is systematically wiped out by the violence and racism of Islam, so no wonder to see what is invented in Bejaia, one of the last and rare places in Algeria where we still speak Tamazight is seized upon by Islam.

These short parentheses reminds me that Bejaia was the land of science and positive culture. The word “Bejaia” itself emanates from the French word “bougie” which means a candle.

Bejaia was also the land of the Spanish philosopher Raymond Lulle, the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, and the Amazigh father of modern sociology Ibn Khaldun.

Today, Bejaia is sadly the land of Islam. I can not find in the work of Pierre Bordieu with his symbolic violence or Les miserables of Victor Hugo any notion which is even a little bit close to what happens in Algeria in terms of violence which is, along with racism, intrinsic to, and fueled by Islam.

As an example, on last October 2016, a man from Bejaia was accused of stealing in a public open market. Without any proof of this allegation, the man has been tortured during 2 hours publicly with the help of police. I do not have the words to describe this Islamic barbarism. The below pictures speak by themselves:

Alt Text

Everybody feels happy with that. It is like they are celebrating something. When the whole society agrees that torture is a virtue, the bottom of collapse is reached. Even that little child dares to drag the half dead man just as if he is dealing with trash. What type of a husband and a father will be that child? What does my Islamic society expect that child to become once adult? An engineer? A doctor? A philosopher?

No, that child will be what is he today: a Muslim. It is not his fault though because in primary schools of Algeria we are taught to be violent. For a quick short example, we are taught as pupils at school that the prophet Muhammad said: "Islam is like a tree which grows only thanks to blood". In Algeria, we are victims of Islam which wipes away our souls from the most basic good human feelings.

This video displays heart breaking and scary behaviors of the Muslims of Bejaia inflicted to our citizen who is, above all, a human being.

I followed the details of that affair and heard there is no evidence the victim has actually stolen anything that day. But suppose he really stole something: does he deserve that treatment? Is not he a human? You can not do that neither to an animal nor to a human.

The men in blue uniform in the above video are policemen and are supposed to represent the law and thus protect vulnerable citizens. So why the police participated in this public Islamic torture? If the victim is a thief then why not to simply complain about him to the court?

The reality is that there is no need to present this alleged thief to a court because Algerian laws are taken from Islam. And Islam has shaped the mind of Algerians like that of their prophet Muhammad: a terrorist pervert bloody sadistic and racist bastard (none of these adjectives are an insult to Muhammad as we will see in the coming articles, and yes, he was illegitimate child as stated by Islamic books and as Al-Azhar confessed it on 2008).

Algeria is highly corrupted: from the mayor of my commune to the president of Algeria. So why the citizens of my country do not do any effort to catch and torture our politicians and different representant of our local public authorities? Chakib Khelil and Amar Ghoul, respectively the Algerian ex-oil minister and current minister of tourism, just to mention these fellows of the prophet Muhammad, have always been active members of financial scandals in which billions of euros are involved but no citizen cares. What about Jamel Ould Abbès who is a prominent figure of the Algerian government and whose son is arrested, few hours ago, with more than 200 000 euros he received from people who want to win the coming legislative elections? The Muslims of my country rather love to humiliate, torture and kill the poor citizens who hardly can feed themselves once a week.

How Muslims of Bejaia treated this victim remembers me of their idol, the prophet Muhammad the bastard, who ordered to cut the hand of a very old woman who dared to steal as she had nothing to eat and she could not prostitute to feed herself given her advanced age, but in the same time, Muhammad tolerated all terrorist behaviors, including theft, from men who were useful for him.

I invite citizens of my country to get rid of Islam. Islam is what transformed Algerians to violent zombies thirsty for bloody and killing each others since several decades by now. Islam is what destroyed Algeria. Islam is responsible of what happened to this victim with whom I share the history of Amazigh people who were known for never having the prisons system: my ancestors, including in Bejaia, were used to excommunicate members of their communities when they did a crime. They never emprison or torture a criminal: they leave him free but they ban him from living with them. This honorable historical fact of my ancestors is not achieved by the most advanced today's societies. But unfortunately, Islam wiped all those beautiful things from North Africa and replaced them by its intrinsic worms: racism, blood, violence, corruption and ignorance.