Letter to Ahmed Chouchane

Posted on Thu 23 March 2017 in Algeria

Hello Ahmed Chouchane, how are you today?

Because you are Algerian and a Muslim, I am not going to provide resources of my sayings below as you already know all that, and this post is addressed to you personally.

Why I write to you

I write to you because I am born in Bejaia and lived most of my life there. I write to you because I am Algerian. I write to you because I am a human. I write to you because I belong to those you want to murder and thus I am 100% concerned by your Islamic barbarism.

Who you are

I did not succeed to glean anything positive about you. First of all, you are a Muslim. You got the British citizenship. You have no education apart from the Islamic teachings you got from our racist, Islamic and corrupted army. You were born in Metlili and you are a descent of Châambas which is the same Arabic tribe that gave birth to the infamous Muslim Mokhtar Belmokhtar. You were already condamned to serve 2 years in prison by the Algerian army for your flashy sympathy and support for the bloody GIA. You are now living in Birmingham, England, which is the land of kufar and Islam forbids you to live, or even visit, non Islamic lands such us Europe.

Your call to murder the Kabyles

On January 3rd, 2017, you published a video on Youtube calling Algerians to kill the Kabyle population. You also spurred the Algerian army to erase the Kabyle region. You called the murder of Kabyles following the strike hold by Kabyle storekeepers and store owners of Bejaia on January 2nd, 2017. The delay between the strike and your reaction was a matter of few hours. That proves how much your ass is impatient and your Islamic racism is constantly targetting and surveying the Kabyles.

You did it previously

Through several Youtube videos, few years ago, you called for Algerians and the Algerian army to eradicate the Ibadi Muslims of Ghardaia. This video is an example that shows the Algerian authorities satisfying your desire by sending police to help the true Muslims of Ghardia to kill the Muslims you consider, according to your own terms, fake Muslims.

Why Bejaia protests

Kabyles of Bejaia protested on January 2nd, 2017 because on November 22nd2016, the people's national assembly voted for the 2017 appropriation bill which transforms even the Algerian middle class to a poor one. There were only 271 deputies, among the 462 seats available, who assisted to that vote because, as you know, like all other Islamic societies in the world, we are very corrupted and very lazy in Algeria. Sorry that this disappoints you but we, the Kabyles, are used to complain and ask for jobs, democracy and transparence before and after the independance of Algeria. Just to give you few hints to wonder about: 1963, 1980, 1988, 2001.


I listened to the reasons you mentioned and which make you believe that Algerians must kill the Kabyles. Your justifications make me afraid as they are purely Islamic and thus racist and bloody:

Your prophet killed Muslims

You said that Muslims of the Kabyle region are "fake Muslims" "do not stop offending Islam". Hence, you just reproduce what your prophet Muhammad did: he was the first to kill Muslims and use the notion of fake Muslims on the name of which he killed thousands of Muslims.

Just to remember you of the last 12 years of your prophet Muhammad the pirate: your Islamic references state that he has ordered between 90 to 100 wars; half of which were lead by himself personally. This means that he was used to declare a war every one month and 12 days. I know as you do that the thirst of Muhammad for wars and blood was motivated by his lifestyle: all his life he lived as a pirate. He started by attacking commercial caravanes until he got rich and powerful and ended up by attacking tribes when he had more success.

He was not only used to attack tribes of “kufar” since everybody had to submit himself to his dictatorship and violence. He was also used to attack other Islamic tribes and justified that by pretending those weak tribes had “fake Muslims”. Even in your different versions of today’s Quran, there are many references to these to these “fake Muslims”.

These parentheses remember you that by calling Muslims of Bejaia and Kabyles in general “fake Muslims who do not stop offending Islam” you are just reproducing the notion your Muhammad the pirate conceived and executed. He even said that there will always remain different groups of Muslims but not all of them are true Muslims and only one of them will enter to the Paradise. Seeing Muslims killing each others and calling each others “fake Muslims” was also practiced by the best Muslims of all times called “the Rashidun” who assassinated each others after years of wars between themselves on the name of this same notion of “fake Muslims”. The blood never stopped, even today, in the Islamic world because every Muslim pretends to be the true Muslim and everybody else a fake one. This is what you did in your video and that is how you justified your call for Algerians to kill the fake Muslims of Kabyle region.

So you call yourself a true Muslim and the people of Bejaia “fake Muslims who do not stop offending Islam”. In that case, let me check if you respect Islam yourself:

As you know, Islam strictly forbids Muslims from living on non Islamic lands (such as the UK where you are living today). Islam forbids you to visit a non Islamic country not only for tourism but even for health reasons when you need a doctor you can not find in Algeria. So kindly allow me to ask you few questions:

Given this fact, I have a question for you: Why did you accuse me for not being a true Muslim through your video while yourself you do not respect Muhammad and dare to challenge your Allah by living in a non Islamic country? You know that disobeing Muhammad in the smallest thing will anger Allah and will lead you directly to hell

Your prophet was racist

You mentioned the 4 major Kabyle regions in Algeria: Bejaia, Tizi Ouzou, Bouira and Boumerdès. You asked your audience to think what is the relationship between these regions. That shows your true color and your real intention behind asking the Algerian army to kill us: because we still do not speak Arabic language as a mother tongue.

You inherited this hate from your prophet Muhammad was racist against all non pure Arabs, especially the Jews. Your prophet was also racist against Amazigh people. You can read, for instance, in Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal tome 2 on page 367 that a man came to sit in a group where Muhammad was. Your prophet asked him who was he. The man answered he was a Berber. Your prophet burst in anger and asked him to leave the group. When the Amazigh man left, your prophet justified his hate and racism by telling them that Berbers are fake Muslims .

Kabyles are brainless bats

In your video, you said that Kabyles are illiterate and brainless bats lacking of any form of intelligence. At least, on this point, I agree with you because historically we have always been like the naive Brittish people who are feeding you nowadays for doing nothing. For instance, my ancestor Dihya was killed lost the battle of Tabarka and killed on 701 because of one of her Arabic and Islamic son which she adopted as a child to protect him from death. Her adopted son named Khalid, who was adult by that year, betrayed her by spying in favor of the Ummayad lead by your ancestor Musa bin Nusayr who cut her head and sent it as a gift to the leader of Islamic terrorism at that time in Syria. Till today, you the the Muslils, the Arabs call to kill us while you forget you are colonists in North Africa.

Now, let me test your brain: how come you call for the genocide of a large portion of the Algerian population and pretend to be nationalistic in the same time? Also, I wonder how you solicit the Algerian who emprisoned you for your support of Islamic terrorism in Algeria to help you to kill us? And how come you dare to say Kabyles of Bejaia are the enemies of Algeria while yourself you did huge efforts to get the British citizenship.

Kabyles are and French

You said that Kabyles in Bejaia protest because the cultural center of France in Algiers ordered us to organize regular strikes. I think that is a huge accusation and hence it needs a minimum of intellectual honesty. I mean, you said you have a proof of your statement so why you did not show your audience the proof of that?

As all the Muslims of Algeria, you call Kabyles the Roumi or the French. My only explanation to this Islamic, Arabic and thus racist phenomena is that you the Muslims of Algeria developed, by time, an inferiority complex especially towards Kabyles and Amazigh people in general as there was no Muslim and no Arab who fought against France during the Algerian liberation war. The best proof I can provide you is what Mohamed Boudiaf himself reported. While the Kabyle region lost 12.5% of its population, you the Arabs, when we asked you to join us to fight against France, were saying what is wrong with these Zwawa. Muhamad Boudiaf stated that not Muslims and their leader did not participate in the war against France, but they even refused.

Actually France have always been cherishing Arabs and Islam in Algeria. The first school to teach Arabic language in Algeria which was used to speak Tamazight throughout almost all its territory was opened 2 years after France invaded us. Search in the books of history and you will not hear of any school opened by France to teach Tamazight.

Kabyles are Jews

On 2015, you did the same with the Ibadi Muslims and called them Jewish working for Israel. As you said Kabyles are illiterate, I invite you to read few books of history since you are the literate.

But your hate for Kabyles and Amazigh people is the same you feel for Jews whom your prophet Muhammad hated so much. The racism of Islam and Muslims against Jews and Israel is nourished by the racism of your prophet Muhammad to these same people. You give the right for the Muslims to kill Jews in Israel and for the Arab Muslims of Algeria to kill the Muslims who are not Arabs. God bless Israel and Algeria. Amen.

Question for the Islamic Kingdom of Britain

I wonder why UK encourages terror by letting free Muslims like you who call for mass murder of others you think they are not true Muslims? In fact, I have an answer to my question: as long as you are a Muslim, you have more rights than Charles, Prince of Wales. Sometimes, I tend to believe that I am the last non Muslim in Europe.

My last words for you

All your hate, racism and call for genocide is nourished by the admiration you feel toward your prophet Muhammad. Unfortunately, you can not be more racist, more bloody or more hateful and pervert than your prophet Muhammad.

You are a fake Muslim because you do not respect Islam by living like a worm on the lands of kufar who are feeding you for doing nothing. Algeria has a long history of blood thanks to the religion of peace and love, so please no more need for genocide calls. Algerians suffer a lot on all the levels and Islam is the only source of our problems in Algeria. We need to smile and live peacefully without Islam.

I am not calling people to murder you. I rather feel pity for you because you are a victim of Islam and your terrorist prophet Muhammad the racist. You are welcome to live in Algeria. My ancestors always welcomed other people of the world on our lands, including the Jews who lived peacefully with us before the advent of Islam. But I wish there will come a day where we can get rid of Islam in Algeria so that we can take legal proceedings against Muslims like you who spur citizens of Algeria to kill other citizens just because your prophet Muhammad was racist against us.