About me

Some people introduce themselves in terms of the job they are doing or the set of skills they own or know to fulfill. Some others tend to define themselves in terms of ethnic, national, religious, political or ideological chauvinisms. Others represent themselves simply through the mainstream idols or music they like.

On my side, I rather believe that pain is what measures the value of what you say, do and think because pain is the only relieve which is able to focus your thoughts, believes and feelings.

About the blog

An interesting person is the one who gives a meaning to her life and a goal to her actions. That is what my parents taught me. But on my side, sometimes, I like having the illusion to act freely by behaving like a sleepwalker, and refuse to search systematically for the purpose of everything I do as it is the case with this blog behind which there are more personal motives than goals. To put it bluntly, this blog is a goal by itself even if any idea may be a source of danger if it be looked upon as an end in itself.