Explaining Islam for albino monkeys

Published on Fri 11 August 2017 in Islam • Tagged with allah, corruption, lies, history, muhammad, perversion, terrorism

I am imparting on the subject of Muhammad and Islam. This the only article of this category that I do not document; but no need to be incensed: I will document everything mentioned here about Muhammad/Islam throughout my future articles. There is a quid pro quo for any type of readers.

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The day Allah provided sildenafil for the prophet Muhammad

Published on Sun 18 June 2017 in Islam • Tagged with allah, muhammad, perversion, terrorism

What is the spiritual and religious message behind the claim of the prophet of Islam that Allah has taken care of his phallus by providing him sildenafil ?

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The pedophile God

Published on Sat 25 February 2017 in Islam • Tagged with muhammad, pedophilia, allah

Adonis is the fertility deity. Tlazolteotl is the god of lust. Allah is the pedophile god.

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The machiavellist prophet

Published on Fri 27 January 2017 in Islam • Tagged with allah, machiavellianism, muhammad, corruption

You will learn how Muhammad used Allah as a means for self-enrichment at the expense of his naive believers.

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