Tribute to Katia Bengana

Published on Wed 28 February 2018 in Algeria • Tagged with hijab, muhammad, terror of islam

On a day like this one, Katia Bengana, an Algerian schoolchild of 16 years old was murdered by her neighbors for refusing to wear the hijab. She chose to stand up against the ideology of hate, racism and bloody which is Islam. Katia is a reminder that hijab is never a woman's will and She deserves the respect of every normally constituted person.

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Tribute to Amel Zanoun Zouani

Published on Fri 26 January 2018 in Algeria • Tagged with hijab, muhammad, terror of islam

Amel Zanoun Zouani was an Algerian student of 22 years old when she was slaughtered by Muslims of my country for refusing to wear the hijab. She was fully aware of the danger she was risking by standing for her freedom as a human, and dignity as a woman but She was ready to pay for that. Amel's spirit is a reminder that hijab and niqab are never a woman's will. And when I compare her to the veiled Algerian women of nowadays, I fall in admiration and respect towards Her more than ever.

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Explaining Islam for albino monkeys

Published on Fri 11 August 2017 in Islam • Tagged with allah, corruption, lies, history, muhammad, perversion, terrorism

I am imparting on the subject of Muhammad and Islam. This the only article of this category that I do not document; but no need to be incensed: I will document everything mentioned here about Muhammad/Islam throughout my future articles. There is a quid pro quo for any type of readers.

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Thank you France

Published on Thu 27 July 2017 in Algeria • Tagged with corruption, history, muhammad

In the Islamic world, instead of adopting a responsible attitude towards our present and future, we still continue to blame the West World for our under development. This is the case of "my country" where, even decades later, we still blame France for our indigence and cynically ignore that our violence, corruption and ignorance are illegitimate children of Algeria the whore bedded by Islam which is the the stool of the terrorist, pervert and bloody pirate, who slaughtered innocent people by his own hands and raped so many women and girls, but sarcastically called the "prophet" Muhammad.

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The day Allah provided sildenafil for the prophet Muhammad

Published on Sun 18 June 2017 in Islam • Tagged with allah, muhammad, perversion, terrorism

What is the spiritual and religious message behind the claim of the prophet of Islam that Allah has taken care of his phallus by providing him sildenafil ?

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Abdelaziz Bouteflika and the NFL sodomize the prophet Muhammad. The rest of Algeria is still stuck in the anus of Allah

Published on Sat 06 May 2017 in Algeria • Tagged with muhammad, politics

The minister of Interior Affairs of Algeria has announced today, May 5th, 2017 , that 38.25% of voters participated yesterday in the ballot. He officially confirmed that  8 528 355  citizens voted among the 23 251 503  registered electors: this leads us to a participation rate of 36.68% and not 38.25%! Why no one says a word regarding this Lie/Crime?

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The faceless deputies

Published on Sun 09 April 2017 in Algeria • Tagged with haram, muhammad, muslims, politics

On the coming 4th of May, legislative elections will be held in Algeria. While poverty is the whore that sleeps in the bed of most Algerian families with her lover called corruption to give birth to illegitimate children such as daily crimes, widespread ignorance, dominant nepotism and incompetence, the only worry of all our political parties is to claim they are more Islamic than each others by filling their electoral posters with women who have to hide their faces.

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Letter to Ahmed Chouchane

Published on Thu 23 March 2017 in Algeria • Tagged with bejaia, genocide, muhammad, muslims, racism

Ahmed Chouchane, an Algerian living in England, calls Algerians as well as the Algerian army to kill the population of Bejaia on the name that non Arabs of Algeria are not true Muslims. He forgets that Islam strictly forbids for Muslims to live on non Islamic lands such as Europe. Algeria has a long history with blood because Islam entices Muslims to kill each others and the rest of the world. UK remains silent in regard with this call for genocide because the Queen Elizabeth II is afraid to be depicted as a racist and Islamophobic otherwise. Ahmed Chouchane is a victim of the psychological sicknesses he inherited from his prophet Muhammad who was racist against Jews, Amazigh people of North Africa and all non Arabs; Muhammad was also the first to kill other Muslims after qualifying them fake Muslims/non true Muslims in his Quran.

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Inglourious basterds

Published on Thu 16 March 2017 in Algeria • Tagged with barbarism, bejaia, muhammad, muslims, torture

Muslims of Bejaia publicly torture a citizen during 2 hours. While technology is racing forward, in Algeria we are still behaving according to the racist and bloody ideology concocted centuries ago by our prophet Muhammad the bastard.

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The pedophile God

Published on Sat 25 February 2017 in Islam • Tagged with muhammad, pedophilia, allah

Adonis is the fertility deity. Tlazolteotl is the god of lust. Allah is the pedophile god.

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