Thank you France

Posted on Thu 27 July 2017 in Algeria

Evolution of societies throughout history along with my daily observations of interrelational behaviors taught me that respect is a bondage remainder that berths at the deepest of ourselves. This is so evident to me that I am not able to stand in awe of Albert Camus who, from 5 to 15 June 1939, found a cynical pleasure to embellish his ignorance of the profoundly Islamic culture of Algeria through eleven articles he shamelessly dared to write in "Alger Republicain"1, about indigence in the Kabyle region of Algeria and making France fully responsible of it.

Albert Camus was wrathful in blaming France for the natural propensity we have in taking poverty as our soulmate. No Camus: France was not responsible of our poverty neither at the time you lived in, nor before nor later, nor today nor tomorrow. As a matter of proof, if I am not illiterate today, I am grateful to France who devised the only road that leads from my village in Feraoun to my high school in Amizour and to my university in Bejaia. You profusely blamed France for our poverty on all the levels, but you magically eluded to mention anything about the Islamic colonization of North Africa which is supposed to remember you what Islam did to us if you read one leaf of history written by Ibn Kheldoun who is sarcastically and unfairly called Arab and Muslim thanks to the racist ideology of the prophet Muhammad the bloody and pervert pirate.

From 2000 to 2015, revenues from the sale of hydrocarbons have supplied the Algerian state coffers abundantly and up to around $800 billion2. Some say even more than $1000 billion. So theoretically we are supposed to live in a country of welfare. But no: most of that money is stolen as the prophet of Islam , Muhammad the pirate, was stealing money by being evil or violent by attacking commercial caravanes and peaceful tribes to plunder them and enslave their girls and women to satisfy his perversity. The rest of that money is invested by our authorities, with the full support and benediction of our Islamic population in Islam. Our wealth is stolen by applying Islamic laws of corruption and investing it in Islamic projects and "education" to tame the population.

Algerians are poor because the only thing they invest their efforts in is Islam. We are totally uninterested in developing ourselves except in Islam to get more bloody and racist shit for our brains. No proof is more tangible than the one which we watch straightforwardly in our environment: That is why I am showing you, Mr. Albert Camus, how the population of my village which is very poor, as the rest of Algerians, has gathered huge amounts of money to add it to that money and facilities it received from the authorities to build a fourth mosque that cost already, by the time I left Algeria on 2011, 20 billion dinars. At that time, the mosque was still far from being finished and it has several stages that we can not see from the side in which the below picture is shot:

The fourth huge mosque of my village

Walking few meters up from the façade shot above, exactly where the person shot this picture, there is the only bus station that exists in my village. That bus station has nothing that a usual European bus station could envy from it: we simply stand up to wait for the bus under either an extremely hot Summer, or a very freezing Winter. Trying to gather money from the population to devise a simple bus station to protect us from the wild elements of nature is an impossible mission. Trying to ask the local authorities to give us facilities or money to do it is equally an impossible mission. But for building a mosque, we already have the fourth one that stands, like the penis of pervert and terrorist prophet Muhammad the pirate, in my village.

Algerians become suddenly very rich and generous when it comes to sacrifice their lives for Islam, but for doing anything, such as a bus station, a road or whatever that could elevate us from the life of low animals to humans is just as immoral as not complying with Islam. Islam is what makes us poor, Mr. Camus. Not France who devised the road thanks to which I went to study. Even with $1000 billions, still the only road thanks to which my village breathes was devised by France when it came to civilize us. Yes, it civilized us because France also constructed polyclinics and schools in the neighboring villages.

While I provided so far an example of how Islam is the cancer that nourrishes our poverty in Algeria locally in my village, the same thing happens, of course, everywhere else in Algeria, including on a national level. Just to give you a hint Mr. Albert Camus, yesterday a 24 old mother died in Algeria because the 3 hospitals where her husband took her for delivery refused to take care of her in the name of lack of means3. Note that 7 pregnant women died already in the same region for the same reason in the previous 7 months under similar circumstances.

Is this the fault of France, Mr. Albert Camus? No, the only reason is Islam. A proof, among many others, I can provide is that, few days ago, while nothing is functioning in Algeria, we lack the basic elements and necessities to survive to the point few Algerian families can allow themselves to buy shoes for their kids to go to school, the prime minister of Algeria, Mr. Abdelmalek Tebboune, had no other worries than showing his extreme anger when he visited the great mosque of Algiers, supposed to be the third largest mosque internationally, by shouting on and threatening the different companies which are participating in stealing the money of the population by behaving like vultures in constructing a huge mosque to render Algerians more ignorant and more violent than they already are, by implanting the cancer of Islam deeper in their minds4.

What about tomorrow, Mr. Albert Camus? Will France be the responsible of our indigence in Algeria? No: Islam will still remain the responsible of our indigence through the ignorance, violence and tremendous social and psychological sicknesses it spreads as it is not a religion with some drawback but the most dangerous ideology in the history of humankind far beyond amateurish dirty ideologies such as Nazism who leader, Hitler the bastard, had as a favorite ally the greatest mufti of Islam at his time called Mohammed Amin al-Husseini.

The proof of what I just said are the following pictures taken from inside one of the mosques of the the richest and most moderate village in my commune Feraoun, where you can see innocent children, and potentially delightful minds, slaughtered at the threshold of hate, racism, psychological and social ailments, hate, ignorance and violence:

The cancer of Islam in Feraoun

Of course, a foreigner who does not read Quran and other Islamic references in Arabic, can only think these pictures are innocuous in that they show Algerians taking care of their children by providing them a religious education that may be useful for them. But that is exactly the problem: in Algeria, we give importance only to Islam, and nothing else. Plus, Islam is not a religion. You have to know about the tremendous crimes the prophet of Islam did by his own hands to understand that Islam is not a religion especially that there is spirituality in Islam, including when Muslims pray, as I will continuously explain through my writings whenever I can.

The cancer of Islam in Feraoun

I feel so lonely in this battle because even the Algerians who self-proclaim themselves as defenders of the lights and voracious fighters of obscurantism find imam on this picture as moderate and a good one because he replaced a fanatical imam5. But in reality, the difference between the previous and this current imam is that this one has a stronger clan to support him. These pictures speak by themselves.

The cancer of Islam in Feraoun

When I was around the age of these victims, there was no woman wearing hijab in my village or nearby. But nowadays, it is rare to see a young man not going to mosque, and those who do not go to mosque are just as dangerous zombies as the ones who pray because to be a Muslim is not to go to a mosque, but to only claim that you believe in Muhammad and Allah and adopt the evil and destructive ideas of Islam.

The cancer of Islam in Feraoun

In order to thrive in Algeria, we must stop victimizing ourselves of a past that was rather beneficial for us as the old people of Algeria who lived under the French colonization confess themselves to us the grand children. There is no spot in this planet which is martyred by wars than Europe, but still there is a huge civilizational gap between Algeria and Europe. In addition, during the so called Algerian liberation war, most Algerians were killed by other Algerians exactly as it happened during the life of their prophet Muhammad whose different right hands killed each others in disastrously bloody wars in which neither France, nor Israel nor USA participated or fomented. During the fakely called Algerian liberation war, Algerians did not want France to leave. This is a reality we still can hear from the mouth of those who lived during the French colonization. But no historian can dare to write down this truth for an understandable but coward fear which is itself a crime. Algerian liberation war was all about some vultures fighting against each others and forced a peaceful population, which only aim was to stay living under the French culture and flag as our ancestors did repeatedly with many foreign cultures and people in the past, to participate in annihilating this or that clan. My own village was mass murdered by the most widely respected Algerian mujahid called "Colonel Amirouche".

More importantly, to develop itself, the Algerian society must have the courage to adopt a responsible attitude towards itself by making efforts to get ride of Islam which is the worm that killed it and will continue destroy it as it has always done before to so many other countries and populations throughout the world since its birth. Instead of blaming France which devised roads, polyclinics and schools for us, we have to blame Islam who erased our Amazigh identity, culture, language, history and more importantly our humanity. Colonizations proved always to have good as well as bad effects. The only exception to this rule is the Islamic colonization of my country which has only been negative since its advent until today. I was a Muslim, I profoundly and thoroughly studied Islam and witnessed its effects on myself and the Algerian society. I mean, I perfectly in a position to say what I think about Islam.

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