The faceless deputies

Posted on Sun 09 April 2017 in Algeria

I am born in an Islamic open prison called Algeria. My mother gave birth to a triplet: myself, shame and inferiority. Hence, I am not allowed to give you my name because, as all other girls of Islamic countries, I represent the shame of my family and that is why, still in lot of places of Algeria, some mothers cry when they give birth for daughters.

In my life, I have been few times on the paths of happiness but I did not succeed to reach the end of any of them. In my life, I encountered lot of sad events; none of which seems going to stop affecting me.

In appearance, I am a very fortunate woman compared to the majority of my fellows. However, just as our elections which have nothing to do with democracy, my studies have nothing to do with education. Because of the very low quality of our school teachings, I am not qualified to do anything despite I officially got an engineer degree from university.

As it is the case of all other Algerian women, I have been allowed to study for the mere goal to get a husband. That sounds weird but that is pure truth when you know even our progressive media uses the term “nououssa” to refer to single girls. Unfortunately I can not translate this term into an other language, but it is extremely humiliating for a woman. On the other side, single men are simply called ‘men’.

Some girls can not handle the daily criticism from their own mother who blame them for failing to get a husband so they end up by suiciding. More than this, lot of women who are virtually highly educated are forced to marry illiterate men just to avoid being harassed and humiliated both by their families and the society. That is, for example, the case of one of my former teachers at university of Bejaia who got her Ph.D. degree from France but had to stop teaching at university once she got married to a man who hardly knows how to write his name in Arabic language.

One may wonder why I write this. In fact, on the coming May 4th elections will be held here in Algeria. As all Algerians citizens know, since 1962, all our elections have been spoiled in that whomever you vote for, the president and different responsibles of our national and local authorities are predesignated and chosen in advance. I never voted in my whole life. But this time, my family forced me to present myself to be a an executive member of our daira. I refused but it is useless for a woman to say no. My family told me that I will have a high position whatever the percentage of people who will vote and independently from the candidate to whom the votes will go to. This simply means my family bought my job in advance and used their money and influence to put me there just as every body else do.

While most Algerians would get happy for such a job opportunity, these elections event is rather a sad one for me because, as everything else, it is not my decision but my family decided for me. Secondly, I find myself involved in corruption which is the national favorite sports of my fellows. Last but not the least, my political party into which I am officially enrolled told my family that only my real name must appear on the electoral posters. My face must be hidden. For that, I have either to take a picture of my veiled head from the back or take a shot of my face from the front but then my face must be completely erased. This means the citizens who will vote for me will not know how I look like and never will meet me even if I am supposed to use their trust in defending their rights during my coming mandate which will last a minimum of 5 years if my family does not renew it.

While women thrive elsewhere by taking advantage of this democratic process called elections, in my country it is used to humiliate women on the name of Islam. Even as a deputy, I must hide my face because I am a defect and inferior to men as the prophet of Islam told Muslims.

Here is the electoral poster on which I appear with the Islamic veil and without my face:

Faceless deputies

The other woman whose face is shown is simply the leader of my political party.

I asked my family to enroll me in the most democratic and oldest opposition political party in the history of Algeria which is FFS so that I accept to appear wearing Islamic veil but could have the chance to show my face for the people who will vote for me. But no: even this most democratic party is just as Islamic as any other Algerian citizen. For example on the below electoral poster, I can see 3 female candidates veiled and faceless1:

Islam erases women

I am living in Bejaia. Spring, Autumn and Summer are always very hot moments in Algeria, including here in Bejaia. On Summer, temperatures easily reach 40 degrees Celsius and over. Wearing this Islamic veil has always been a burden and a sufferance for me because I can not handle to cover all my body and head with these tissues under such temperatures. I sweat a lot and I feel suffocated. I stint like a pig because of this veil.

I have a more serious problem with veil which has nothing to do with high temperatures, hygiene and health. All Muslims read in their Islamic books about the origin of veil: the Arabs of the era of Muhammad had a habit where a woman who was not able to feed herself, can allow herself to hide her body, head and face with black clothes and go out for a walk. When men see a woman completely hiding herself while walking, they understand she is looking to prostitute. Any man can then follow her to some hidden place where he can pay her for sexual favors. During this physical relationship, the woman keeps hiding her face so that her client will not learn about her identity.

Muhammad is the most misogynist man I ever heard about. To humiliate women, he imposed veil on us to treat us like prostitutes. His hate of women emanates from his hate to his mother and grandmother. As he was an illegitimate child, his mother had to get rid of him by sending him secretly to an other tribe . He never lived one single day with his mother as all Muslims know. He could not bear this rejection so he hated his mother to the point his hate prolongated to target all women.

So today, by wearing this Islamic veil, I logically claim that I am a prostitute. I feel more sad and angry when I see feminists of the West World claiming Islamic veil to be the symbol of freedom and choice. What is clearly meant in Islam to be a symbol of humiliation and mistreatment of women is now the symbol of freedom for feminists. There is no single woman here or elsewhere who wears veil by choice. Women have no choice in Islam because they are not full humans according to Quran and all other resources of Islam.

Feminists who support Islam, Muslims and hijab are simply stabbing women like me with knives. Tolerating Islam leads to erasing women from existence as I had to erase my face to comply to Islam in its purity:

Islam erases women

I have to hide my face because the prophet of Islam said that women are “awra”. Meaning that any part of my body, including my face and hands have just the same value as my most intimate body part.

What my fellows do not know is that by treating women as Islam asks, we also mistreat men. The proof is that our government says they corrupt the elections because the people of Algeria are not mature to make a good voting choice by themselves2. Since our government is obviously proud in what it is doing, I think I have the full right to shit back on “my” president:

Bouteflika or the Islamic shit

Treating women lower than animals as Muhammad asked Muslims is disastrous for the society. Women are not inferior to men. Any group of population such as blacks, reds or whatever other group who are mistreated and discriminated will not be able to thrive within the society. Take a child and humiliate, beat and mistreat him/her for many years and he/she will be a disabled/incompetent adult. That is the same scenario women experience in Islamic societies. We are taught by Quran, our families and society that we are inferior and we are a defect and shame for our families to the point we have to hide our faces on electoral posters.

I have never voted in my life and I will never vote. Including now that I am a faceless deputy. No Algerian loving his/her country should vote. Historically we have had social structures allowing us to be self-sufficient in food. If our ancestors succeeded to do that in the past, we can achieve this goal nowadays. For education, we are in an era where we can design our own schools independently from the schools of today which teach us the ignorance, violence and perversion of Islam. Every Algerian must boycott these coming elections.

Finally, and to add salt to my tears, I was shocked to read that even our progressive journalists living in France3 blame female candidates in my situation for choosing to hide our faces! I am really speechless. Trust me, I am forced to wear this veil and I am forced to hide my face by the party in which my family enrolled me. Since when women have choices in Islam? And why the hell should I always choose the wrong and harmful things such as veil and erasing my face from electoral posters whenever I have a choice? Such hypocrite lies of our progressive media humiliate women in that we only do wrong choices whenever we can. The same journalists say women choose to wear Islamic veil. Such Muslim journalists have to confess that the bullshit they are saying against my intellectual capacities is the one they read in Quran:

My shit is cleaner than Quran

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