Tribute to Amel Zanoun Zouani

Posted on Fri 26 January 2018 in Algeria

Amel Zanoun Zouani was a student of the faculty of law, university of Algiers. On a day like this one, January 26th,1997, she felt exhausted and missed her mother and sisters, so she decided to leave her dormitory and go to visit them in Sidi Moussa.

On her way to home, a military roadblock stopped the bus she took. It is still common that you stumble on such roadblocks in Algeria; they were even more frequent and omnipresent during the 1990s because of the Islamic civil war Algeria was going through - remnants of which are still highlighted every week by our newspapers.

But soon the passengers discovered they had to deal with fake soldiers. Meaning some random male citizens feinted a military roadblock. That was also a common practice: any group of citizens can fake a roadblock to slaughter those they believe not complying in their behaviors with Islam.

The passengers started shivering, their heart beatings accelerated, some were already sweating as everybody knew of the gloomy fate that was going to happen.

But no, wait: the bandits seemed to be interested only in one particular passenger. A man located the place where Amel was sitting inside the bus. He walked straight to her and taped on her shoulder calling her by her first name to follow him outside. One of the other men was sharpening a knife after other passengers were descended from the bus.

Amel is a small and thin young woman, she did not eat the whole day because this is the 17th day of Ramadan. Her only sin was she wanted to see her mother and sisters; but now she knows her last whim is not going to be satisfied. She ignores the man in front of her sharpening the knife, she ignores the man holding her from the back. The butcher is ready. He is coming towards her with those monstrous Islamic eyes. But Amel is not scared of him. Amel is smiling to her mother. She is hugging her mother. Her sisters also.

Amel Zanoun Zouani

After the dirty job was done, the savages explained to the remaining passengers the reason1 of their act. They told them what they already know: They slaughtered Amel because she did not wear hijab and she studied at university. Then they let the passengers to continue their way.

In a time when every woman was forced to wear the hijab, Amel and very few others, decided to fight for their freedom as humans and their dignity as women. She knew about the assassination risk she was going to face. She heard about other women and even underaged girls who were slaughtered by Muslims for committing the sin of not wearing hijab. But she decided to fight. She was brave. She was not 22 years old. She was 22 centuries old. She was not a mere student. She was an Intellectual. How many of us challenge assassination risk everyday and keep studying, working and living? Amel did. That is why she deserves our respect and admiration.

Amel's mother died 5 years later, on 2012, of sadness.

It is the “prophet” of Islam Muhammad the pirate who slaughtered Amel. It is Islam, in its plain and sincere form, that slaughtered Amel. It was Muslims, citizens of my country who slaughtered Amel. Even the day on which Amel was slaughtered was meticulously chosen: it corresponds to the infamous battle of Badr where Muhammad the pirate and his soldiers killed innocent tribes, plundered them and raped their women and girls after he has been attacking their commercial caravans for years.

Amel was slaughtered on a symbolic day of which Muslims all around the world are proud of. Amel was slaughtered because she did not wear the hijab and she dared to follow university studies. Amel was slaughtered on Ramadan.

Battle of Bard, hijab, Ramadan, university: those are 4 Islamic keywords that justified the assassination of Amel.

Amel was fully conscious of the death risk she was taking by not wearing the hijab, but she chose to fight for her dignity. When I compare her with the Algerian women of nowadays, Amel remembers me how brave and intellectual She was. Nowadays, everybody wears hijab in Algeria. From the illiterates to the 96% of female doctors2.

All women are entailed to wear hijab in Algeria. Including underaged ones3. This is because Muslims, all Muslims, are pedophiles by culture.

An other quick example that highlights how Algerian’s nowadays women massively wear hijab is may be this article from an Algerian newspaper published on January 15th, 2018. What can catch your attention is those female students whose faces are fully covered and invisible. And I did not choose random students: they belong to one of the most prestigious universities in Algeria.

Students with niqab

Not only our girls, students and doctors wear the hijab and niqab, but even our deputies.

As I explained before, hijab was a way for the “prophet” Muhammad the pirate to humiliate women. His mother abandoned him as a baby, she did not even dare to breastfeed him as Islamic resources inform us. His mother abandoned him not because he was an illegal child (Arabs had more sexual freedom at that time more than any moder populations) but because she was raped by a Somalian black slave: Arabs were racist against black (and still are), so his mother felt shame to have a black son. And she got rid of him. Few years later his mother died without seeing her. Muhammad developed a strong hate against his mother (and his grand mother).

Every woman remembers him of his own mother, that is why his hate targeted women: he raped, enslaved for his sexual needs and slaughtered with own hands hundreds of them. Last but not the least, he imposed them to wear hijab because timeonly prostitutes whores were used to hide their full bodies with long black tissues as per the Arabic customs of that. So by making women to wear the niqab/hijab, Muhammad found a way to humiliate women for eternity: each women who wears hijab declares publicly: “Yeah, I am a whore”.

But despite this truth reported in Islamic books themselves, Muslims of today prefer to mention an other reason when they speak to foreigners and try to depict a better image of Islam: they say only slave women were used to not fully cover their bodies, but free women did. So their “prophet” Muhammad was wise in imposing hijab and niqab on Muslim women in order to distinguish them from the slaves.

This is twisting the truth, of course. Muslims are professionals of lies as history and their “prophet” show. But even if we admit this alternative excuse, there is still a problem with it: instead of banning slavery, the “prophet” Muhammad the pirate reinforced -and even encouraged- it and set a social segregation which is deeply anchored in the head of every today's Muslim: that girl is a whore because she does not wear hijab, the other one is a good girl because she does wear the hijab. So women of today should express solidarity with the slaves of Islam and the era of Muhammad by uncovering themselves. Every woman who wears hijab or niqab today is feeding this Islamic segregation, this social apartheid, this social racism which has devastating effects on the private and public lives of both men and women.

It is important to note that no Muslim woman wears the hijab by her own will. The ones who says so are either practicing the djihad of lies (that Allah rewards), or are paid by the Islamic organizations to which they belong. I am from this society, I know what I am talking about and I have no reason to lie about this. But the situation is nowadays so unbelievable that even the leader of feminists in USA is a veiled Muslim called Linda Sarsour and who extols Charia laws. I do not know any ideology in the history of humankind which humiliates and mistreats women as Islam does but Islamic activists have sharpened their practice of djihad of lies throughout the centuries: when I first heard of feminism movements, I said this is great, finally there is a movement that will cut the head of Islam but, instead of that, Muslims did not go to challenge feminism: they infiltrated it (thanks to the money of the rich Islamic Golf countries) and succeeded to make the West World women that Islam is good for women, that the symbol of slavery, sexually offending and racially segregating weapon which is hijab is a right:

Nowadays, I even believe somehow that in order to be a feminist you have to ideally be a Muslim or, at least, support Islam. That is why I see brainless blonds used by Muslims in hijab days.

But there are also so many other political movements that support hijab and Islam in general in the West World. From my humble understanding, the Left, the Greens, the Feminists, the Far Rights -yeah, far right here in France support Islam: think of Alain Soral, François Asselineau, for instance) because of several reasons. Some of them are due to ignorance of the nature of Islam, others can be summarized in naivety. Others are more malvolent: Feminists, the Leftists, the Greens, the Centrists … all support Islam because they hate liberalism. Yes, all these movements are illegal children of the Communism which many of us believe it died by the end of the Cold War; nevertheless it is still infecting the brains of many naive idealists, especially among the young generations of today. These supporters of Islam hate liberalism and are ready to destroy the industrialized, competitive and technology based West World to the point they are ready to join their efforts with the Devil: Islam itself. Hopefully it is not strange for you that Islam is not considering the West World as its friend.

I do not want to go out of the scope of the goal of this article, but may be I already did. However I still want to highlight, once again, that Amel was slaughtered because she refused to wear the veil. And no, she is not the only representative of this case. There are so many others, including underaged girls who went through the same fatality as Hers. You can watch this short BBC video about an Algerian girl of 16 years old who was killed by Muslims of my country, Muslims who knew her too, for the simple fact she refused to wear the hijab as her sister witnessed in that video.

For Amel, for Katia, for all the women who were murdered by Islam and Muslims, for the thousands of millions of people killed by Muslims and Islam throughout the centuries and different countries since the advent of the bastard Muhammad the pirate, for all the innocent people slaughtered by the hands of the "prophet" of Islam himself, for all these feminists and other movements who say hijab is a right, and for many other reasons purely emanating and related to Islam, I decided to shit on Quran.

For the victims of Islam and Muslims, this is my very modest contribution to your fight.

For the feminists who say by ignorance4 or other reasons that hijab is a woman's right, I shit on Quran as I would like to shit on their faces to explain them that the below image is not a caricature but a reality:

Islam erases women

1 Cela s’est passé un 26 Janvier 1997, assassinat d’Amel Zanoun Zouani
2 This is a subjective and personal estimation, but which reflects the reality. Take a look at this recent article showing resident doctors striking in Algeria and compare the number of female doctors who are veiled to the ones who are not. The ones who do not wear the hijab are equally Islamic as the ones ones who do.
3Algérie: Le phénomène du port du voile prend de l’ampleur, El Watan, October 19th 2006 (link).
1 But when you engage for an idea and become a militant, you do not have the right for ignorance.